Weighing lubricant are weighted separately in sterile canisters.

Weighing and mixingFirstly, the corn starch and acetylsalicylic acid along with the lubricant are weighted separately in sterile canisters. This is so to see if they meet the required pre-determined specifications for the batch size or dosage amount. After that the corn starch is put into cold purified water so then they heated and mixed it until a translucent paste is forms. So, next the corn starch, acetylsalicylic acid and lubricant are spilled into a sterile canister.

The canister is moved to a mixing machine which is called Glen Mixer. So this mixing the mixtures of the components and it also removes air from the mixture. At that point, when the mixture is ready, it is then automatically separated into parts and the part is called slugs. Dry screeningOnce the components have been weighed and mixed well then small batches of slugs are forced through a mesh screen by a hand-held spatula. So, if the batches of the slugs are large then they are filtered through a machine which is called Fitzpatrick mill. After that the remaining lubricant is added to the mixture, which is then mixed softly in a rotary granulator and sifter. As this will helps the mixture from sticking to the tablet machine during the compression process.

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Compression processThen this mixture will be compressed into tablets, by single punch machine for making small shape of tablets, or rotary tablet machine for making big shape of tablet so, it depending on the scale of production. However the single punch machines are power driven and the mixture is then fed into one tablet mold with a feed shoe. If they need to make big shape of tablets then they use it on rotary tablet machines, the mixture will run through feed line into several dye cavities located on huge steel plate.Testing Moreover, before the tablets get packaged, the compressed tablets are gone through a test. They will be subjected into test of hardness and friability, along with tablet disintegration (breaking up into pieces or into powder).

• They are tested for hardness in a machine called Schleuniger. • They are also tested for friability, which is to see if they can withstand the rigors of packaging and shipping so, this is done by using machine which is called Roche Friabilator. • There is also the tablet disintegration test.

This is to see if the tablets dissolve at the desirable rate.Bottling and packaging So when the testing is completed then the tablets are transported into the bottling get-together in the line that is automatic where the tablets are distributed into color coated or clear polyethylene plastic or glass bottles. Then the bottles will be topped with cotton packing and on the top pure aluminum is sealed before it is sealed with plastic and rubber lid. The bottles are labelled with information of the product along with an expiration date and the bottles are then packaged in separate cardboard boxes, depending on the manufacturer.


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