Summary of ActivitiesCompleted Vmware installation

Summary of ActivitiesCompleted Vmware installation of Solaris version 10 for x86 platform. It seems to work, have not done extensive testing yet. Hopefully it will work fine so I may begin the SUN OS training. Version 10 should perform close to that of Version 9, which the training is based upon.Was made aware of ‘My Computer’ issue in the FACSS lab.

The problem is not just with that aspect but also other Windows functionality such as the start menu, explorer… a general lagging of the functionality of Windows XP. Restored to a backup a year ago on one of the lab machines and proceeded to test. Found out that as soon as Windows Updates were installed (those after SP2) the problem recurs (there are 18 total updates).

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After a final update was installed which describes closely the problem occurring, the PC regained the ability to open My Computer. If further testing demonstrates that this is the fix, then all should be well by this morning. If not, then I will have to restore to the previous backup, install SP2 and Office 2k3, and forego the Windows Updates for a while.

Other avenues were tested prior the Windows Updates diagnosis but did not prove to be the solution. This issue has been worked on for a couple days now.TS (Terminal Server) meeting was more informational, at least to me.

Members of the group are installing Active Directory, testing and evaluating printing with universal print drivers, EndNote will be tested and evaluated, Mark is still working on retrieving licenses for software, logging is occurring for evaluating.

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