Week Job Fair Brochure paper essay

The best company structure for this equines is the divisional structure. This ensures employees are where they need to be at all times. This will also ensure that each employee knows the specific job that is required of them.

I believe that if I were to group employees into similar jobs, it would have a negative impact on the customer for a couple of reasons. First, it may look as if employees are not knowledgeable about many areas because there would be too many doing one job in one area and not enough at another.Second, employees may come confused or forgetful on certain areas of a routine, resulting in an incomplete and not thorough job. The famous saying “Treat someone as you would like to be treated”, would be my personal motto for Burger Rentals.

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To have a good culture within the company, starts with the person in charge. Since the owner of Burger Rentals has been in the property sales business for so long, I’m sure he knows that it can become somewhat of a routine doing the same thing over and over every day, which is an easy way to break someone’s motivation.Incorporating Ceremonies and Rites culture into the business will keep employees motivated through their employment years. By having a party or a cook out when someone does a good deed or meets a milestone, everybody wins. Better yet, throwing a party once a week, or once a month would boost everyone’s morale (even if its something as simple as coffee and donuts). This also encourages employees to communicate on another level.

Communicating with fellow employees about things other than the job will build relationships, which will impact the company. Also holding Rites ofEnhancement in which honor the employee for something he or she has accomplished. An example of this would be if an employee would be recognized by the company for something as simple as being at work every day for half a year, or a promotion. I think this strengthens the company because it gives the employee something to strive for. The business model or organizational structure of the company needs to be Strong for any company to succeed.

By having a well-developed culture and structure make up the business model. The Divisional Structure and havingCeremonies and Rites will continue to strengthen and motivate the employees. Another example of what builds a business model is having strong company goals and objectives. One of those goals is to stay motivated. Always take pride in the work that you do and know that you are valued as an employee.

Treat the fellow employees and customers as a second family. This benefits both you, by having fun and interacting with people while on the job, and the company, by customers seeing the well-developed relationships of the employees will keep customers coming back.

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