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The other characters were: Seven’s brother, Buzz; Uncle Frank; and an old man named Marled. From the title alone, you an guess that the story revolves around someone who was home by himself or herself. The title does not suggest anything more than that and one needs to watch the movie to know what happens. Kevin belongs to a big family. The family decided to go to Paris for Christmas. On the night before they were to leave, there was a big storm and it caused power outage. The family overslept and woke up late because the alarm failed to go off.

Waking up late, they were in a mad rush to the airport and didn’t notice that one boy was left behind. The boy was, of course, Kevin. That marked the start of an exciting family adventure. In this movie, the miss-en-scene proved to be very significant in creating the right feel and the various settings. The shifts in mess-en-scene from the McAllister house to the airport, the plane, and everywhere else, including the visit to Santa, were very realistic and remarkable. The locations for the film were the McAllister home in Chicago, Illinois and Paris, France.

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You could tell how remarkable the miss-en-scenes because at the start of the movie, there were no characters, much less dialogues, but you could tell a lot from the background. Since the setting showed snowy neighborhood and the Christmas-y home of the McAllister, you’d know that it was the Christmas season and most definitely winter. From the architecture of the home, it conditions the viewers mind that the subject family must belong to middle or upper class. The actors were great in their characters, bringing them to life and full-color. You could say the casting was really well-thought out.

Every actor was a perfect fit to the character. The names, too, couldn’t be more perfect to the physical features of the character. The fashion and colors of their apparel matched the characters perfectly, too. For instance, Mar’s dirty and hairy kook was completed with wavy’ hair and beard, with dark clothes and gloves. Harry, of course, looked sinister with his gold tooth, dark dirty clothes and beanie. The filming was done mostly inside the McAllister house and it was well-spaced. Home Alone (1990) was superbly edited. It has perfected the film.

In my opinion, a movie always benefits from good editing because it brings out the best in a film. It is responsible for adding musical scoring to intensify action and involve the viewer in the characters’ experience. In the scene when the family rushes to the airport, for instance, the sound of the footfalls, the rattle, and the music, “run, run, Rudolph… ” Makes the film viewer want to run with them, too, just to help them get to the airport in time for the flight. The movie spanned a time just long enough to send across the Story without dragging the storyline.

The scenes were angled and shot appropriately. The perspectives sometimes showed an angle from the subject’s point of view; at other times, it was from a view looking at the subject. These shifts were smoothly transitioned. Considering that there were at least two distinct settings – Kevin and his maneuvers with the burglars and the scenes showing hat Seven’s family was doing. The transitions were effortless and not intermittent. They flowed over each other and separately made sense. The movie throbbed with action and spunk, and the sound track brought these actions together.

The viewer had a clear picture and message of every scene every time. Ambient sounds, such as blowing wind, creaking trees, and electric wires going down, were very audible and sure to involve the viewer as if he was there. Even when the power didn’t go down yet, the viewer is so well-prepared and into the scene that he knows in his gut that there?s going to e power blackout. The characters made a lot of sound, too, making the scenes lively and giving the viewer a hint of the personality of the characters, like when the odd old man, Marled was grunting some sounds while he was scooping the snow.

Sounds were aptly used. In one scene, Kevin was walking and the burglars were on his heels. The viewer feels his hair stand on his nape, and surely, Kevin turns around in suspicion. Harry nonchalantly looks around him and whistles. The sound just fits. In another scene, the two burglars broke into Murphy’s home and they both got crazy over their loot, and the crowbar dad clanking noise. The old man, Marled, wore squeaky old leather boots which made him look weird and unsettling to a boy like Kevin. The audience later finds out that the old man is far from mean or scary.

The instrumental music is consistently fantastic through the length of the film. It is markedly a soundtrack that anybody who has watched the movie will always associate with Home Alone even when he hears it apart from the movie. The film was also filled with Christmas carols, making the movie a heart-warming movie for children and old alike. Summing all the music and soundtrack used in this lassie film, they have definitely contributed to the success of Home Alone. Children and family would love to watch this film. Kids around Seven’s age will find how a family IS great and cool even in this age.

The movie is the kind that will stay with you, and its scenes will continue to make you smile, no matter your age. The lesson taught is so clear, and parents can even point out to kids who want to be alone and be away from family, that it is not really quite safe and pleasant to be alone. Danger lurks everywhere especially for kids. It’s fine to be independent but there is an appropriate age for that. I have watched and watched Home Alone and never got tired of it. Every time watch it, it sends me to the same exciting ripple of laughter.

When we gather at home on Christmas, I take out all my Christmas movies, and this classic definitely caps everything. It brings nice warm feelings about family, love, mother and children, and home. Seven’s naughty antics still get the thrill every time. Even when you know what’s going to hit the burglars next, you’d still hear yourself shriek excitedly. The film is simply timeless. Maybe because it hit the right formula that touched the human viewer and drove him to laugh ND scream with childish glee every time he watches the film.

The cinematography of the film was good, considering that it came more than 20 years ago. Lighting and color were definitely of good quality. The play of soft lights, ambient lights and the rest of the lightings used were effective. Camera shots were taken at varying angles and distance, but always taken successfully. The variation of distance and the transitions of shots were steady and smooth. In placing the movie in context, a viewer finds the characters expressing themselves openly. These were not normally the eulogies in usual Christmas films. The film is categorized as comedy- adventure. Didn’t see this movie in theatres back when it was first shown in 1990 because I was only over a year old. But Home Alone, both the first and its sequel, were very enjoyable movies and will remain so for many years and generations. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. I’d definitely recommend it to my children, if I’d have children in the future. It is a movie that will make you laugh, not hysterically, but laugh happily and find that between your giggles, there is a message. The movie circles around the regulars and the misadventures Kevin has concocted for them, but the message is about family and home.

The bottom line is for us to appreciate our own family for what they are. That was the director’s intention sent to the viewer in a funny way. If you haven watched this movie yet, you have to. Give it a 4-star rating. This class has allowed me to dissect films that I watch and study their value, from the perspective when they were created and to the perspective when the viewers see them. Have learned not to be flippant with films, whether they were produced half a century ago or the latest picture on the silver screen.

Movies are to be analyzed and learned from as they are to be enjoyed. This class taught me that film-making is an art that needs to be done correctly before it will be shared to the public. It has a responsibility to carry across a message; and this can only be made possible with the many professionals who put work, talent, time and resources into its completion. These people are the cinematographers, actors, editors, directors, cameraman, scriptwriter, lighting crew, and many other professionals. I challenge anyone interested in films and filming to take this class and learn more.

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