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Please respond to the following: Discuss your overall perceptions of the English Composition course thus far. Describe the course concepts that either have seemed familiar or have confused to you. Determine the one (1) or TVВ»’0 (2) specific concepts that you would you like explore further. Assist your classmates by sharing your knowledge in relation to their responses.

This research and writing course has helped me with brushing up on some much needed skills with my writing.So far, this Research and Writing course has been very helpful in refreshing and refining my writing abilities. Feel that the assignments are purposeful; having intent to help us learn a specific technique (defining our audience, how to think critically, and interpretation) or teaching us different writing styles (argument/ persuasive) and defining their foundations (thesis, evidence, problem etc… ). We are learning how to build and construct pieces of writing in such a way so as to make the purpose of our writing clear and purposeful to our readers.

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I enjoy the flexibility; being able to submit a rough draft, knowing that a rough draft is what the professor is expecting, not the final version. This teaching technique, in my opinion is very student friendly. It allows for us to express our ideas, get them on paper (or screen if you will) and really be able to reflect.

In addition, it is revised so we are able to see our strong points and weak ones through the eyes of another. Confusion / Familiarity: For me personally, selecting an audience can be somewhat a confusing and daunting task.While writing, I find that there can be purpose for a variety of readers. Trimming it down to a select few (my audience) is sometimes hard to do. I really have to sit back and examine the message I am trying to get across, and determine who really needs to read what have to present, and who will benefit the most from it. This also works its way into including logos, ethos and pathos.

These terms are somewhat unfamiliar for me, but to recall their meanings, I use association. For example, Logos starts with the letters I. O. G, just like logic.Ethos reminds me of “ethics”, which correlates with credibility and trustworthiness.

Finally, Pathos makes me revisit the word “empathy’ which deals with emotion and how we feel what others are feeling. As for familiarity, I definitely recall the structure of writing; how it should begin (introduction / thesis statements), what should follow (body), and how we should summarize and synthesize (revisiting our thesis statements and putting concepts into our own words). Concepts to Explore: Because defining an audience can be complex.

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