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Today, however, you and your employees use computers and e-mail, the Internet, cell phones, and mobile computers connected to wireless networks for this purpose. Networking and the Internet are now nearly synonymous with doing business. “( ) As far as communication networks go Baker Hughes has top notch technology for their employees and customers. Employees are assigned specific clients and are expected to be able to communicate with hem at any time; this means employees are to be accessible to their clients at all times.Employees are issued take home cell phones, and also issued programmed lap tops to make sure any issues that may arise for the clients will be handled and resolved even if the employees are not at work. The Telecommunication service Baker Hughes contracted was AT&T services. They decided to use them for phone and internet communication, and were successful using both.

Communication is very important to Baker Hughes, without it many things could go wrong and the company could end up losing housands of dollars.Communication is such an important aspect for Baker Hughes that they decided to contract AT&T and create a department for them specifically. Doing this ensures the communication between Baker and their customer is always possible. Having AT&T as an in house provider gives them an advantage over competitors, in a sense that communication is a constant and never a issue. For any company an affective computer network system is very important to production and process.

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Without a working system a ompany is unable to function properly and it can reflect poorly on their customers.Baker Hughes utilized major networking systems; each system has its own importance to the daily functions of the company, and provides connection and communication throughout the entire company. Communication is so important for a oil and gas company, With the transportation of large and very expensive equipment; being able to communicate with drivers clients and employees is imperative. Baker Hughes describes communication as “It’s critical to secure data and to ensure that usiness activities and decisions are not interrupted by connectivity issues.Our services protect confidential data, while in transit, from unauthorized access, using data encryption and rigorous security standards. ” Using satellites to improve communication connection gives Baker Hughes a huge advantage over their peers and has contributed to their success. Local area networks are used in small businesses and in large corporations like Baker Hughes.

was employed at the Baker Hughes in the greater Houston area, but there were several locations all over Houston. Communication between the employees at each location in Houston was necessary so Baker was able to utilize the (LAN) system.

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