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We should replace Fossil fuels with Alternative energy because its a easy way to kick start the transition, protecting our  environment from pollution by using reusable energy, and improving  pricing and  Green house.

We should replace Fossil fuel with Alternative energy because it easy way to kick start the transition. The transition from Fossil fuels to renewable energy will not occur overnight, and it will not escape recurring setbacks. Nevertheless, renewables are likely to replace fossil fuels as the dominant source of electrical power well before mid-century as well as make giant strides in other areas such as transportation. Nearly everyone agrees that the easiest way to kick-start the transition would be to replace coal with solar and wind power for electricity generationwe could completely wean the country from carbon and by protecting our environment from polluting. protecting our environment from pollution by using reusable energy.  For the first time in human history, all electricity can be generated by a combination of renewable carbon-free and nuclear-free technologies.

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instead of using technologies that depend on dangerous and expensive carbon-based fuels with 21st-century when we can use technologies that use fuel free forever: the sun, the wind and the natural heat of the earth Further advances in technology, such as the use of hydrogen fuel cells, and an increase in the use of hybrid vehicles would create further benefits and could save us our green house. Improvement of pricing and our green house environment, But the transition will entail costs not just money and regulation, but also changes in our behavior and expectations. It will probably take at least three or four decades, and will fundamentally change the way we live. Renewable energy, can and indeed must replace both fossil fuel and nuclear power as quickly as possible if the world is to avoid the catastrophic effects of runaway climate change. Even if it cost a lot of money it can cost us a saving in our community to help protect our environment we believe the world can set off down the path to a clean energy future, within the current political but some people might not. You need fossil fuels for faster internet, because alternative energy take a lot of time and year to be built, and scientist proves that it work day at night everyday but for alternative energy it only works when there’s wind, sun, and more. Even though solar energy only produced when the sun is shining during the day and is complementary to wind power, it can reach its highest production at night we can use reusable energy even when the sun is not up.

The myth that renewable energy sources can’t meet base load (24-hour per day) demand has become widespread. After all, the wind doesn’t blow all the time, and there’s no sunlight at night. But in detailed.

We can use renewable energy even when the sun doesn’t shine stated by  Martin Cathrae/flickr. It has been estimated that wind energy has the potential to satisfy the world’s electricity needs 40 times over, and could meet all global energy demand five times over. That means we can realistically envision an electric grid built around renewables: electricity with no greenhouse gas emissions, no fuel cost (and no future price volatility) and no radioactive waste


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