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M. Gonzalez Award for her story, AUTHOR’S PURPOSE – reveal an important truth In the story, all the techniques that was used by the author is based on the reality. She describes the mother as the type of mother in our generation.

However, inspire of the not so good description, the author portrays as a character that is strong enough to face all the challenges in her life. CHARACTERS MOTHER – 43 hrs old; the character who parties with her Amiga constantly, drinks until the wee hours of the morning, reads such an eclectic array of books (by Gary Kava, Ralph Wald Emerson,Thoreau Thick Nat Han), dates younger men and seems to have certain affinity for mess and laziness. STRAIN- the 18 hrs old teenage narrator and daughter in the story – an interesting complex and dynamic character. SQUEAK ? the 16 hrs old; another daughter in the story, Strain’s sister. TIA LANAI – mothers younger sister, a big time lawyer. GRANDMOTHER – the mother’s mother who treated her a trip to SETTINGS PAISA – the house with a purple salsa which is also Strain’s family, first home.VALE VERVE ? a townhouse given by Strain’s father which became their second home.

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ROOM 401 – one of the rooms in the hospital where Strain’s family celebrated the Christmas. POINT OF VIEW 1st person point of view – The story is told by Strain, who is one Of the characters in the Story. Strength and Acceptance – The author wants us to understand that hiding one’s true feelings is not commendable and yet she seems to be telling us that neither does hysteria nor emotively.What is and should be done instead in these circumstances is to enjoy the remaining moments, conserving and spending one’s energy into what is productive and important. MOOD OPTIMISM – the story shows that inspire of all the struggles that the mother experienced, she keep on telling her children that ‘”We Won’t Cry About This,” a sign of being a strong and optimistic person. PLOT EXPOSITION – the story started in a scene where the mother stays in bed all weekend for just reading the book written by Ralph Wald Emerson.

In this scenario, the author introduces the main character in the story which is the mother. RISING ACTION – What is brought the climax in this short story is the rising action which is violent incident n December which ensues from strain coming home late and thus earning the ire of her sister, Squeak. CLIMAX – The fight between the siblings could be regarded as the climax of the story wherein all the rage, curbed emotions of the past days, months and years were let out.FALLING ACTION – The falling action in the story is when Strain started to realize her mistakes, and learned to understand her mothers present condition. RESOLUTION – the resolution is found in the last section of the prose, when Strain cozies with her mom in the hospital along with Squeak, sad ND maybe even fearful but somehow one begins to sense a quiet understanding in her action, a resigned piercing acceptance and a desire to embrace the present This newfound enlightenment comes with the knowledge that heading toward the future is a skate on the ice-forever slippery and uncertain.

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