We are fixed and uninfluenced. Nature can be

We think of nature as something that is natural and pre-wired into us, people who believe in the nature debate think their children inherit their abilities, personality traits, skills and intelligence from genes from their parents and ancestors, they believe all of these elements are fixed and uninfluenced. Nature can be said to be given whereas nurture is said to be learned.People who agree with the nurture debate believe our character is majorly influenced and down to the way we have been raised, the experiences we have been through and the people that we have met. They believe all of these things are learned and they are not inherited.

If a man is abusive towards his family, is this due to the fact he was born with violent tendencies in his DNA or is this behaviour something he has learned from observing the people he surrounds himself with, like his family and friends. We are all so obsessed with this debate because our own character, morals and achievements seem to hang in the balance of the answer.The environment, learning and experiences all literally shape a young child’s mind into the person they will be when they grow up. The Nurture debate believes children who are exposed to a poor childhood with traumatic experiences, inattentive parents or carers and an unsupportive family unit will have a major negative impact on their future life as an adult. This essentially means that the things we experience and do are a result of what we have learned.

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Environmental factors can also be seen in a positive light as a child who is raised within a close knit family unit who prioritise a child’s welfare, education, health and can make sure all of the child’s needs are being correctly taken care of, this child is more likely to do the same thing with their own family in their later life. This may affect their social development as this will deteriorate their confidence and they may feel they will be excluded from a friends group.Genetic factors, also, of course heavily impact the development of the child as genes determine such things as the colour of your eyes, the colour of your eyes and what sex you will be. Each person inherits 50% of their genes from their mother and 50% of their genes from their father. Researchers have found that some abilities tend to run in the family and believe that it may be tied to a single gene, however they have also discovered that possessing the gene alone is also not enough to develop the ability.

Psychologist Francis Galton found the term ‘Nature vs Nurture’ and he believed intelligence was the result of genetics, he also believed intelligent individuals should be encouraged to marry and have many children who would be more successful according to his theory whilst less intelligent individuals should be discouraged from reproduction. This may affect a child’s cognitive development as if they have intelligent parents and they are not as intelligent, this will affect their confidence massively and they will be questioning their genetics.


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