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We proud South Africans and offsprings of ancestors who advanced a very noble vision , starting some 150 years ago , to free this very country of inequality , racism , hatred and injustice. As we looked forward to the dawn of a better day for all , we were suddenly taken aback in May 2015 , when many innocent lives needlessly ended in a wave of xenophobic attacks across our country , shaming our historic achievements !!! X E N O P H O B I A , my dear colleagues , the capability of humans to inflict violence and harm on one another , in my opinion is not only horrific but totally unacceptable and a huge shame on humanity !!! Foreign nationals – young and old , males and females , children and adults were mercilessly beaten , tortured and necklaced to death in the cruellest of manners with even their properties been destroyed beyond repair . In the light of these despicable acts , it is very evident that our humanity is slipping away from us and something that we cannot allow.

How could we possibly stand by and witness torture and callous murder of our fellow beings by other beings . No religion nor country condones such behavior. As sensible beings , understanding , on the contrary , the fact that jobs in our country are scarce and hence the frustration felt by fellow South Africans , especially the unemployed youth who struggle to access opportunities to improve their lives , venting their anger and frustration using criminal violence is totally unacceptable to me. Furthermore , focusing this anger and frustration on a small group of foreign nationals , who have become vilified and victimized , does not in my opinion address the cause of that frustration.

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Simply , there can be no justification for human beings inflicting pain and suffering on other human beings !!! To eradicate the root causes of xenophobia , I believe that our country needs to address the issue of unemployment. They need to create jobs and perhaps support the growth of small businesses which are key to growing our economy. In my final analysis , I understand the frustration of people on the ground. But , regardless of the problem they face , we cannot allow people to brutalize others.

If anything , let us honour the golden words of the one of the world’s greatest icon’s – PRESIDENT NELSON MANDELA – who once committed as follows – I quote : ” NEVER , NEVER AND NEVER AGAIN SHALL IT BE THAT THIS BEAUTIFUL LAND WILL AGAIN EXPERIENCE THE OPPRESION OF ONE BY ANOTHER.” THANK YOU.


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