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We know of cuff links as part of men’s accessories. Instead of using the buttons to close the sleeve’s cuff, a man uses cuff links to do the job of the buttons. Why? This is because cuff links does the job well while it adds sophistication in his clothing style. Which is why for a man, cuff links are very useful accessories.Price of cuff links vary.

It depends upon the quality of the design and the raw materials used. If cuff links are made of gold, expect that they are expensive, especially gold cuff links that come with diamond studs. Sterling silver cuff links are a bit cheaper than gold cuff links. You may buy sterling silver if you want a silver colored cuff links that will last for a long time.The most expensive cuff links are those that are made of titanium.

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Titanium cuff links are the favorite of executives, bosses, and big shot businessmen. Titanium is known for its strenght and beauty and it is often associated with power and unwavering principle. These expensive cuff links are not practical for day-to-day wear.

It’s a lot of money to lose if you misplace them. Besides gold cuff links look too formal for daily wear. So, if you are looking for cheap cuff links that you can wear everyday, say in your office or non-formal client call, silk cuff links are the best choice for you.

Silk is the cheapest cuff links in the market. They are made of finest Chinese silk. These cheap cuff links are best worn with a neck tie in matching color. If you want these cheap cuff links to go with a soccer, baseball, or basketball design, you can ask the silk cuff links maker to design them for you.

You can even request the image of your favorite star as cuff links design.If you, however, want a more formal but cheap cuff links, go for the electroplated ones. Electroplated cuff links are one of the best selling cheap cuff links because they can be bought anywhere at a cheap price. The only disadvantage with these cheap cuff links is that they easily get faded, the electroplated gold wears off after months of use. Cheap cuff links can be bought everywhere.

Your local department store has their own sets of expensive and cheap cuff links.  In fact, most of the times, department stores have cheap cuff links that has the same design and totally resemble the line of expensive cuff links.   You can buy these good looking but cheap cuff links for your daily use. Even though they will turn gray or fade after weeks or months of usage, you will make use of them based on their worth.

 Cheap cuff links are best for gift giving. Because of their sophisticated and fashionable designs, the person who would receive your gift won’t notice that the gift were just a pair of cheap cuff links. Some cheap cuff links are even functional.

For just a few bucks, you can buy a functional watch cuff links that really tick and tell the time.   There are also cheap cuff links with compass or thermometer design. These unusual but cheap cuff links are the best gift idea for Christmas, weddings, graduations, and birthdays.


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