We concerned, we are working against its rhythm

We speak a lot about work-life balance, but how is balance possible when we are always ‘elsewhere’? When at work, our mind is wandering outside the office. When spending time with our loved ones, our mind is occupied with what’s going on in the office!Even though we live physically in this moment, our thoughts mostly seem to revolve around the past or the future – hardly ever remaining in the present. In an age of hyper distraction, living in the past or future seems normal – after all, we can’t learn without reflecting on the past, and we can’t plan without envisioning the future. In today’s business climate, we are expected to do more with less, work long hours with heavy workloads. So, we spend our time hurtling from one task to another, believing that we are being as efficient as we possibly can. Stress becomes our badge of honor. But, this is a fallacy. In all of this frenetic activity, we completely ignore the here and now – which is the only time we really have. As far as the brain is concerned, we are working against its rhythm and that’s what leads to exhaustion and sub-optimal output.Organizations across the world have therefore introduced Mindfulness into the workplace. Simply put, Mindfulness means awareness. Practicing Mindfulness offers a way to pay attention to the present moment, without judgement. It is about being focused on the here and now, watching things moment by moment, continuously. Mindfulness originated in Buddhism, but it is now taught in workplaces because of its proven effectiveness in reducing anxiety, increasing resilience and emotional intelligence, and improving inter-personal communication.Research has shown that the ability to focus and bring attention back to the present moment is a crucial skill that enables people to re-charge, take control of their lives and achieve their potential. Being Mindful actually makes you smarter. That’s why organizations like Google, Intel and Target have embraced Mindfulness as a leadership strategy. It’s time you became Mindful about Mindfulness.


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