We and an all-round construction worker. I really

We live in day and age where technology andengineering is advancing by the day at such a rapid rate, to contribute to thisand to be a part of this environment has alwaysbeen an aspiration of mine and something that I am excited about.From a young age, I have been taught that further education opens upmany doors in the future as well many opportunities for myselfso I can become successful.  Throughout my school years, mathematics alongsidescience (in particular physics) has always been my favourite subject.

This is due to the fact that both mathematics and science, gives me theopportunity to solve complex problems, think logically and to put equations into perspective. I passed my GCSEs at Forge Valley secondary school inthe year 2015. I studied Maths, English Language, Literature, Geography,Religious studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, German andproduct design.

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I am a hardworking individual who has a positive attitudein the activities I do both at home and in school. At secondaryschool, I was elected to be a prefect and I enjoyed working in ateam. My role as a prefect was to ensure that rules set by staff wereimplemented as well as carrying out duties such as monitoring thebehaviour of students.  This shows that I have leadership skills and goodcommunication skills. In year 9, I was sent a letter of praise bythe assistant head teacher, who recognised my hard work anddedication throughout that year. The Assistant headteacher described me as “an exemplary student” and”an asset to the school”. In the year of 2013, I was awardedwith the “Student of the year” award whichwas exclusively handed to me by the head teacher at that time.

  Since I started secondary school, I have been closelyobserving and helping my father who is a qualified electrician, plumber and anall-round construction worker. I really enjoyed working with my father asthis gave me the ability to manage my time correctly and also tomeet and communicate with customers and different people. As a result ofthis, I have taught myself how to test various electrical components of a carsuch as a battery, Sparkplugs and high tension leads.

Iam always keen to learn new things that can further increase my knowledgeof electrical engineering even more. From this, I have gainedknowledge of how things function and this has helped me whilst doing thiselectrical engineering course at college. I have experience in thefollowing jobs: Basic Electrical Installation, Drainagesystems, soldering and building basic circuits. I am currently studying BTEC level 3 Electrical &Electronic Engineering extended diploma at Sheffield College. I feel thatI am progressing at a fast pace and I really enjoy learning howdifferent components work and how they behave in an electrical circuit.

 The reason why I want to do this course isdue to the fact that I have a strong interest in this field of engineering assome of it relates to what I do in my spare time. I really enjoylearning new information so I can widen my general knowledge. I stronglybelieve you can never know everything and I believe there are always gaps inpeople’s knowledge.   I also like playing football with myfriends after College as well as running. This gives me the opportunity toengage with new people as well as making new friends. In addition to this, inmy spare time I enjoy going to the gym in order to keep fit andhealthy. Overtime, I have been able to develop useful skills so thatI am able to implement them in my chosen courseat University such as problem solving, Organising my time andTeamwork.

 Iam looking for a university course that is challenging yet rewarding andin my opinion I believe electrical and electronic engineering is the one.  For these reasons,this is why I think I will be suitable for Electrical Engineeringat University. 


I'm Gerard!

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