We cars,what will we do about gas

We have many ideas about energy conservation but there are many consequences. Concerning cars and their needs,our technology will cause problems. One problem are the gas stations. If we stop using fossil fuel cars,what will we do about gas stations? Shurly, large companies won’t give up their business? Out solution is to replace gas stations with charging stations. On the roof of the gas station and the minimart next to it, they can place solar panels. This is a costly investment, but once built, they won’t need to pay continuously for gas. The gas pumps could become charging outlets.

That way, they aren’t losing business, only changing their business. A second consequence is that with the millions of car our in the world, are we suddenly going to change all our cars are once? The problem is there is no fast and simple solution, but there is one. We would have to slowly convert half of gas stations to charging stations. After that, a bunch of solar paneled cars would have been made. Then, we publicly release the car, and buyers flood in. To ensure that people buy the cars and stop using old cars, we would give a deal that they could trade in their gasoline car for the Solar paneled car discounted by the value of their gasoline car. The car companies would recycle old cars by keeping their frame but changing the insides.

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After this, we slowly continue the conversion from gas station to charging station. During transaction, 1-2 pumps in a charging station will have to give gas for those who don’t buy the car. As more people buy the cars as prices decrease and new models are being made, everyone will afford one, and eventually, we hope that there would be only one government owned gas station for the tiny minority that remained.  Unfortunately, that is not the end of our problems. People use coal and fossil fuels, and although the car charges on it’s own, if lots of people go on long distance trips, the solar panels on both charging stations and cars would be overwhelmed.

So that would take us back to fossil fuels. Out solution is to encourage more renewable energy plants then there are together. But this has it’s own problems.  Wind energy, one of the cleanest and it is inexhaustible,needs lots of space to make turbines. Another thing; birds have been known to go through wind turbines and they have been killed.

Wind turbines are also very loud. They can be really disturbing. That’s why when they build wind turbines they build in the country and not any people live there. Solar energy could be a huge part of our future in technology in the U.S and throughout the world. It has many consequences like wind energy. First of all it costs a lot of money. It also needs a lot of space.

It also can take out life if you plant solar panels in a forest. It can destroy many habitats, which isn’t good because of the deforestation occurring in our daily lives as of now. This needs space just like wind energy needs space. Solar energy is the next way of energy in the world in our opinion.


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