WaterAid working in 27 countries world wide. The

WaterAid is a not-for-profit organization that was started in 1981 which was first established by the UK water industry as a charitable trust. By 2013, WaterAid had fundraising offices located in Australia, Japan the UK and the US while working in 27 countries world wide.

The main purpose of WaterAid was to provide people with clean water, hygiene education and safe sanitation. The CEO of WaterAid is Barbra Frost, who is a retired charity executive and has previously been the CEO of Action on Disability and development, and worked for Oxfam and Save the Children, which are other charities. This non-governmental organization exceeded its income in 1987 by £1 million per annum and its 2005-2006 accounts recorded an income of £26.9 million.

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In 2011-12, it raised £55.8m in the UK, and spent £54m. WaterAid would not have been able to achieve these feats alone. WaterAid has corporate partners who work together to make a significant impact. WaterAid’s corporate partners are Aveda, which has raised more than £745,000 for funding projects in Ethiopia and Nepal. Belu Water is another corporate partner of WaterAid and has pledged to give WaterAid 100% of its profits. Another corporate partner of WaterAid is Decanter which have raised over £500,000.


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