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Was Andrew carnegie A hero or not a hero?

How do you define hero, are they modest do they act with integrity are they honest? Andrew carnegie grew up poor but like a few people he went from rags to riches. Carnegie was from Dunfermline Scotland in 1835. At 12 carnegie had a job as a bobbin boy and then took a job tenging a steam engine then a messenger boy for a telegraph office slowly but surely he worked his way up to being a personal assistant to Thomas scott, while with scott he learned what the stock market was and how to make his money work for him.
Andrew carnegie was a entrepreneur and two faced. In july 1892 from the saturday globe they had a cartoon of a two faced carnegie one taking money away from his workers and another giving a library and money to the government. Andrew carnegie was a two faced man who was a hypocrite. In “Wealth” he says for the rich people to be modest with their spending. Carnage is a hypocrite because he himself had bought a 1,000,000 dollar castle.
Andrew carnegie was a 2 faced because of the way he acted because he dropped his workers pay and then he gave away money and a lot of different resources to the government. So carnegie would have his people work hard and then he would just give away the profit of the men’s hard work.

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