VR, displays that let users stream 360° videos

VR, AR and Gamification: The Next- Gen LearningVirtual reality, augmented reality and gaming are opening a new realm of possibilities for the education sector by creating engaging learning experiences. With their abundant applications, they are beneficial to both teachers and students. For instance, Nearpod and Lifeliqe are among the first companies to introduce VR into education. Both these companies provide mobile program tools to teachers for lesson plan creation, which when enhanced by VR can also function on tablets. Several products have been used to create educational apps that implement AR and VR technology such as Oculus Rift by Facebook, Gear VR by Samsung, HTC Vive by HTC and more. Each of these are in the form of head-mounted displays that let users stream 360° videos or see augmented and virtual reality features. For example, there exists a platform called ‘ThingLink’ that allows users (teachers or students) to annotate 360° images with interactive tags, links to videos, or links to applications on third-party resources, creating a fully immersive teaching environment.

Titans of Space is another example of an educational app that takes its users for a VR tour of the planets, teaching about their positions within the solar system and is available in fifteen different languages.Another major trend taking the education sector by storm is the ‘edutainment’ gaming. In an era, where games rule every household, gamifying the education process is certainly creating a breakthrough in the way the teaching and learning processes are carried out.

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Law Dojo is an edutainment app that helps law students acquire legal knowledge with a focus on a specific area of law. Structured as a collection of games, it teaches the users about their rights when dealing with authorities, details of criminal law, details of contract law, and how international laws differ. The app also has several levels where users can win points and train to become faster over time. Doctor Games and Apps is another educational app for doctors and other medical science students that consists of different categories of games that help users study anatomy, medical terminology, and the names of medical instruments.

Hence, AR, VR and gamification are creating new and unique experiences in education that allows for curiosity, excitement and exploration.


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