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VOICE DISORDERLOURDES FERNANDEZSANTA BARBARA COLLAGEHIT 204-5476704/11/2017VOICE DISORDER The populations voice disorder is growing with some of these problems, being caused by the overused of Tabaco, chemical fumes, allergies, and inflammation of the vocal cords.

The voice disorder is becoming more common through these problems. According to The American Speech-Language Hearing Association in the state that 7.5 million Americans citizen between the ages of 30-50 are becoming aware of their disorder. They are so many cases of vocal cord disorder that have been estimated to be present in between 3% to 9% of the total US population. This would demonstrate you that individuals between the ages of 30-50 are the most vulnerable. One may develop a voice disorder when they are having a problem with pitch, volume, tone, and other qualities of one’s voice that are not common (“Hopkins Medicine”). Thus, it goes on the state that these are certain causes of voice disorder, sign, and symptoms that allow one to distinguished if they have voice disorder and treatments that one can received to aid them with their disorder.

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`To this day causes of voice disorder can be identified as a structure or neurologic problems. I some cases extra tissue may come along the vocal cords causing the cords from working properly. Certain medical conditions cause the nerves that control the vocal cords to become injured their tone requiring medical attention. In addition, too much tension when speaking can cause stress to the vocal cords. This causes vocal abuse which cause voice disorders including growth, hormones which can be found in both male and female (“Hopkins Medicine”). Too much exposure to smoking, alcohol abuse can cause inflammation and swelling of the vocal cords.

Some of the symptoms that can cause voice disorder affect vocal quality, pitch, loudness or vocal effort of one’s voice. Some of the symptoms are as followed; abnormal loudness, hoarse voice, low and high pitch, quivering sounds, and sound of choppy voice. Some people can have some of these symptoms are one at a time, people may have tension in their throat while speaking. Also, it they are feeling like their voice is becoming low.

Your healthcare provider will diagnose the best treatment for your vocal cords, depending on the severity. The provider might send you to a specialist (ear, nose, and throat specialist), and Otolaryngologist. The specialist will examine your throat and will do different kinds of test like; X-ray, MRI, or ENG to show the growth or other problems. The specialist will give you the best treatment for your vocal cordsThere are various types of treatments that can be used to help one’s voice disorders. An easy treatment would be making life style changes, such as speaking more quietly and not in a loud voice, staying hydrated, warming up your vocal cords before speaking, and resting your voice regularly.

Another form of treatment will be speech therapy that will help your vocal cords to vocalize, exercise and changes when you speak. Injection is another way of treatment. You physician will treat muscle spasms in the throat with injection and will help your throat to close better. Medicine is an option and sometime surgery, depending on how severe the growth of the tissue is effecting your vocal cords. As a result, voice disorder affects the populations between the ages of 30-50.

The excess used of tobacco, chemical fuses are contributing to the allergies. Voice disorders symptoms include choppy voice, abnormal loudness, hoarseness, low/high pitch and quivering sounds, leading to a variety of lifestyle changes. Although voice disorder is not a commonly known epidemic it is something many Americans live with.


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