Vodafone Telecom Analysis essay

Idea is a pan-India integrated GSM operator offering G and G services, and has its own NIL and LID operations, and ISP license. With revenue in excess of $4 billion; revenue market share of nearly 15%; and subscriber base of over 121 million in FYI 2013, Idea is Indian’s 3rd largest mobile operator. Idea ranks among the Top 10 country operators in the world with a traffic Of over 1.

5 billion minutes a day. 4 ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS Macro environments are hard to control for any business organization. PESTLE analysis will help to find out the external factors which affect the potential of Avoidance.Political Political factor is one of the macro factor which play important role to develop telecommunication operating business in any country.

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It may include from the government licensing process, legal issues, regulation etc. To various pressure Of pressure group. These factors play vital role to build infrastructure for any neuron operating industry. Economic The rates of economic growth, inflation, income distribution process etc are he economic factors which also influence the growth of telecommunication operating network.Growing income or increase in purchasing power (RSI 12000 in 2002 to RSI 3300 in 2008) which may help to increase in the usage of Avoidance. Similarly falling prices of handset could affect the market of Avoidance. Rising in telecommunication density which will target 45% by 2010 is also challenge.

Social Growing demand for broad band services among youth which affect the level of competition in telecommunication sector. Increase in urban population which may affect the market of Avoidance.Rapid arbitration and rapid increase in income increase more competition for Avoidance in India. Technology Some Of technological advancement in India is CDMA- there are already three big players in this segment Reliance, Data. G- value added services potential still to be tapped fully. G/G- GSM currently commands 70% of mobile subscribes in India. These current scenarios of technological advancement in Indian telecommunication market could pressure Avoidance also. Avoidance’s competitors are now offering the same GSM hand set as Avoidance.

So these all prove more external pressure and new challenge for Avoidance. Environmental The Indian government is forcing Avoidance and other telecommunication operators to be environmental friendly. Like while putting up towers any negative externalities given out will have to be paid by a fully social cost by Avoidance.

Avoidance is in only one legal force that it is to provide safety in the use of its services through the handsets they sell and provide. So this means that development cost will need to be done to produce handsets that attract low radiation.Avoidance is one of the popular brand in telecommunication industry of Indian and able make different position in the mind of Indian customers. However the telecommunication is one of the most competitive businesses in India but Avoidance seem quite successful to fulfill the requirement Of various customers by offering different services in India. Technology is one of the crucial factors for this industry and growing demand of young customers are increasing day by day so company should try to follow the more latest technology which will help them to be more strong among competitor.MARKETING MIX OF AVOIDANCE Product 0 Product is the major variable in marketing mix, because without product no other variables can work. Product refers to tangible, physical products as well s services (antenna.

Com). The brand Avoidance was itself able to sell its products in the Indian market but Avoidance introduced various suitable and affordable ranges of products and services for the various range of customers in India. For the low income customers, Avoidance provided facilities of pre-paid mobiles and for the high income customers, Avoidance served with their post- paid mobiles.Avoidance also introduced easy to use, low cost handsets addressing the rural community of India who cannot afford mobile phones at high prices.

Price L] Price plays an important part in the buyer/seller relationship. A trust evolves between seller and buyers, who mutually agree that prices will be set at a fair level. A significance of price can be reduced when the factors such as quality and reliability of service delivery is equal or greater than the price buyer is paying for the product (Lancaster and Reynolds, 2004).In case of India, Avoidance is in a low price strategy to gain high market share of the people who are in the rural areas of India and cannot afford higher or premium prices. As 71% of total population of India lives in rural part (CIA, fact-book 2008), Avoidance has taken this strategy to reach out to the higher volume of people. Avoidance has introduced various products with the range of prices which a customer has option to choose and customers also receive the quality service they pay for their products. Place C] Avoidance has opened maximum number of outlets in each and every part of India.

The outlets are direct distribution through their own distributors, indirect distribution through associate distributors to the local retailers, who provide products and services to the local customers. 7 Avoidance has also established many service centre in almost every part of India, so that the customer is always satisfied with the products and services f Avoidance and we can see that the customers of Avoidance are significantly increasing every month. Avoidance is also selling their products and services through their own website as well. Rumination L] The promotional mix comprises of advertising, sales promotion, selling and public relations (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2004). Promotion refers to the method used to inform the customers about the products and convincing them to buy. Avoidance has used this strategy since its inception in India as Avoidance Cesar.

Avoidance’s advertisements and promotions were hearty welcomed by the audiences. Introduction of the advertisement of Zoo Zoos and pug was a great sensation which also got popularity in many social networking sites like Backbone etc.

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