Visual Ad Anti Tobacco essay

It’s murder. ” The first impression Of this ad is that it was obviously designed to be shocking. Clearly, this ad’s primary purpose was to make a smoker reconsider his or her habit and really think about who they re hurting with it, through the use of pathos. This ad’s message speaks to me in particular because the boy reminds me of my little brother and the fact that my mother is a smoker, and it makes me think of what dangers he could be in a smoke-filled environment.My reaction of outing a loved one in the place of the boy in this picture was most likely a premeditated intention by the creators of this ad. They likely picked a young child to be in this picture so parents would substitute their child into the place of the boy in the ad, and this would hopefully help them realize that smoking is extremely dangerous and that they shouldn’t smoke if they have a young boy like that of the one in the advertisement.To analyze the picture further, the lack of anyone else in the picture can mean many different things, – each of which make very strong appeals.

The simplest explanation for the absence of anyone else in the picture is to set a tone: too much emphasis on objects in the advertisement who are not the child will interfere with the picture’s shock factor and could dull its pathos appeal. However, there are many more interesting theories to come upon if people think on the ad a little more.Because the child’s proverbial murderer is nowhere to be found in the picture, it suggests a few things: the boy has been abandoned by his parents, in both a literal and metaphorical sense, leaving him with no one to come to is aid and save him from this “plastic bag’ of smoke that is killing him; the absence of the boys assailant means the person is being entirely apathetic and uncaring to the agony their child suffers at the hands of their habit. The boy is crying out loud for help, he is being hurt by the smoke surrounded by his face. The boy looks like he can’t breathe, and he wants the smoke to stop coming to his face.As smoker can see that there’s a big black shaded background behind the boy.

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The black background shows what causes inside human lungs once they smoke. Also, people can see that the boy is wearing a yellowish t-shirt, which represents that smoker teeth become that color when they smoke. While this might speak to smokers in a certain sense, it could go a little farther than that. If a non-smoker saw this ad, and this non-smoker has friends who smoke, it’s possible that this ad could completely reverse the mindset the non-smoker has to his friend’s habit.Essentially, by making the smoker of this picture absent, the advertisement has the ability to shame smokers into quitting by portraying their habit as something so severe as child murder.

This could be labeled as an ethos-based appeal to the non- smokers; a call for non-smokers to get their friends to quit smoking, for the ethical sake of preventing lung cancer of others. Aside from this, the absence of the smoker in the advertisement could be an additional pathos appeal at smokers viewing this advertisement, by tapping into their guilt.For the sake of this theory, imagine that the smoker was in this ad. In order for the advertisement to advocate the cause it was made for the smoker viewing the picture has to take responsibility for the danger he is putting his loved ones in.

In a way, this would BEA much less effective ad (running on the theory that the ad’s purpose is to get smokers to quit), because if the assailant is in view, this allows the smoker someone else to blame for the child’s agony: the smoker in the picture.However, with no smoker in the picture, the smoker viewing the ad has no physical person to blame, and with no physical person to blame, they are only left with the option to blame themselves for the agony of the child. To put it another way, if a person was there, the smoker would think “what a horrible person he/she is for hurting their child like that”, but thou someone in a frame to blame, they are forced to think “Am I doing this to my loved ones? The initial picture is very shocking because it shows a child of about the age of 7 suffocating from the bag over his face. The worst part is, the bag is not a bag but it is smoke, from what can be identified as cigarette smoke. Although, people can see that there’s a big black background behind the boy.

The black background demonstrates the smoke going in the smoker lungs, and starts getting black inside. Which could possibly lead smokers to lung cancer. This ad is a drastic way of showing “smoking kills”, UT it does not show a person of their age as the victim.

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