Virtual information can be transmitted from sensory

Virtual Reality Immersive experience is more effective if marketers use it as marketing tool as according to research, the number of users of VR is increasing rapidly so with time companies have to get updated with technological innovations.

1. Sensory input is the information we receive from the environment through sensory receptors or senses. In case of conventional advertising only two senses are involved that is sight and hearing. In case of VR technology, at least 4 senses are involved. Moreover, scientists are trying to involve the taste sense as well.

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2. So, the more the sensory receptors are involved, the strong will be the sensory input and the more will be the information that will be stored in sensory store as the information lasts there for only 2-3 seconds. The immersive experience is so strong that much information can be transmitted from sensory store to short term store.3. The more immersive the experience is the more will be the information. If there is rich information so a large chunk of information can be processed in short term store to be sent to long term store and less will be forgotten.

4. Another reason of using immersive experience is that we can retrieve the real experiences more easily as compared to something we just watched or heard (conventional marketing). Immersive experience is just like real experience which can be retrieved more easily and less information will be lost.5. Users can experience the products in 4D Virtual environment before buying it.


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