There possible relationship. In the book The Great

There can be very many types of relationships. You can have a very loving and happy relation with your partner.

You could also have the worst possible relationship. In the book The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald there are many different types of relationships and how other people view them. According to the novel, society’s attitude towards relationships is morally corrupt between Daisy and Gatsby, Tom and Daisy and myrtle and Tom. The relationship between Daisy and Gatsby is very corrupt. Daisy is Tom’s wife she has a child, yet she is going seeing Gatsby. She has been with Tom for the past several years and when Gatsby shows up she is in love with him. Before meeting Gatsby she had a perfect life with Tom.

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She only now loves him because of his money.The second for their relationship is corrupt is because that she doesn’t love him. She is just now lusting over him.

Before he had no money she did not love him. “Rich girls don’t marry poor boys”. But now he has money, so all of a sudden she loves him. Their relationship is not built up on strong feelings. It is just based on their looks and their money. That is a very fraudulent relationship between the two.The relationships between Tom and Daisy are very deceptive in the form that they both are cheating. Tom is cheating on Myrtle and Daisy with Gatsby.

The two of them can not have successful relationships between each other if they are seeing other people. They are not even happy within themselves so they seek pleasure else where.Another reason their relationship is not real is that they are not passionately in love with each other.

If they were happy with each they would not have the need to go out and see other people. They also don’t really value each other that much. Daisy even shows it off that she does not value him. When they are coming back from New York she does not want to ride in the car with.

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