Victoria up. My anxiety and honesty it’s

Victoria MendezMrs.

MorganEnglish 015August 27th 2018Imperfections are uniqueI always felt self-conscious since the age of twelve maybe because in one more year I was becoming a teenager and wanted change like everyone around me. But, I’m eighteen now and sometimes I still feel the same way. I’ve always had bangs since the age of five until this day people ask me why I still have them I do have reason. Now I’m eighteen still growing up and accepting my imperfections as I grow up. My anxiety and honesty it’s what made me different from others. I believe it’s okay not to be perfect that your imperfections don’t define you, but they are unique.They are many things I do not like about myself that I can gladly admit to others just like I’m very blunt, I have anxiety, and I am not happy with all the features on my face. But my imperfections makeup who I am today they’ve been with me all my life.

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The year of 2017 end of June I realized I had anxiety it was a new imperfection I had to deal with. It began not wanting to be around friends and staying home instead. Also, being nervous and hot in situations that aren’t even that scary. Plus, for a person that’s very adventurous and out spoken it was confusing and something I had to adjust to. My senior year was the worst year I didn’t do too much I didn’t want to get involved especially because I was mentor for two years and always involved in activities.

My last year of high school I realized my insecurities was only something I pointed out about myself and I began opening to people about my insecurities which took me about seventeen years to do. My mom told me it was time to start moving my bangs to the side for I can look more grown because with them I look younger. I honestly don’t want to, I feel like they make up who I am and grown on me since I had them all my life and if I push them away I would feel different. My mom also told me I need to find a way to cope with my anxiety because even at a young age I could be able to control it. I believe my anxiety is just a new insecurity that I learned to deal with it doesn’t define who I am, but it did make me more comfortable and more open than ever when I talk to people instead of being nervous.

As of today, I can say I am more comfortable in my skin. Me being blunt and not thinking before I speak is now something I’ve fixed. My bangs are still with me but I’m pushing them more to the side every day to feel more comfortable. My anxiety has taught me a lot about myself to calm myself down in situations and its okay to be nervous sometimes. But my imperfections make up who I am today they’ve been with me all my life they created the person I am today. Without my imperfections I wouldn’t be the person I am today the person who’s now beginning to love herself. All our imperfections share a different story maybe someone has pointed it out, but it’s something we have to adjust to.

We all have our own insecurities even if its physical feature or something else that we would like to fix about ourselves that’s what makes us unique. I believe our imperfections share story even its something small there’s always a story why.


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