Via globalization, people globally from various nations are given with jobs opportunities. Unemployment is an economic pointer for every country. It is the number of people who are ready to work but are powerless to get a job. Great levels of unemployment designate that the economy is fighting and that the resources of that economy are not enough being distributed. Each country has its own workforce. It is important to understand the workforce because that’s where unemployment is rated from. If you work 1 hour or more, you are a workforce. Therefore, people who refuse looking for a job or in the military or students are not counted as a workforce (Najdeni,2016). It is necessary to understand this concept. Because, lowering unemployment leads to an improvement in the economy in the country. Counter-argument: However, Globalisation causes unemployment to developed country because organizations and companies relocate their industries to other countries where they can get cheaper workers (Spiegal staff, 2016). Many jobs in the USA have moved abroad because even developing countries now can enable to produce what was the USA advantage some twenty years ago, such as the design and conduct of semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and information technology services. Employment hardly improved in the tradable area of the U.S. economy, the area that manufactures goods and services, such as manufactured products, engineering, and consulting services. That area grew by 600.000 jobs between 1990 and 2008 which accounted for more than 34 million jobs in 1990 (Spence, 2011). Unemployment increased in USA at this time, but the opposite did happen in China. According to the research of International Labour Organization (1996), China had increased a 14 percent in urban employment during the year 1994. In 1994 another 6.4 percent of agricultural employment (ILO,1996). From these statistics we see that labours did go to China instead USA. Therefore, factory workers in America and Europe often blame China for stealing their jobs (The economist,2016). China has benefited from a huge number of

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