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It was concluded that social media possess distinct heartsickness that make it a gratifying tool for cyber bullies. Social media therefore has real-time updating, has widespread dissemination of information, is a rallying point for people, is open to anonymity, has instantaneousness, has the ability to reach wide audience, is cheap, has a connection to power dynamics, can make an information to go viral, is open to making other social network users to respond or generate feedback, can build up and generate support from others, can assure cyber bullies of the impact of their actions, and is very empowering.

The increase in internet accessibility have brought the general public highly desirable outcomes such as considerable improvement in the way people communicate, changes in the way work is done, and for being able to do more, with increased efficiency and effectiveness in less the time and cost especially among the working sector of the society. These positive outcomes are felt by many in their quest for knowledge. However, the increase in internet accessibility has also brought a societal problem that deserves utmost attention and must be addressed immediately – cyber bullying.

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Cyber bullying according to hard castle (201 1) “is a form of harassment that occurs via the Internet that may include vicious forum posts, name calling in chat rooms, posting fake profiles on web sites, and mean or cruel email messages”. Cyber bullying unlike other cyber abuses occurs among young people. Cyber bullying happens when both the victim and the perpetrator are underage. When an adult is involved, cyber bullying may escalate to a more serious act called as cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking, a crime that can have legal consequences and involve jail time What is cyber bullying? 011). Although bullying is considered as a long time problem that happens in school among school-aged kids, cyber bullying is seen as a different problem in the age of Internet . Chat (2006) explained that unlike the traditional form of bullying where the bullies. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM What are the reasons of cyber bullying? Who are the victims of cyber bullying? Why cyber bullying Increases? What is the prevention to stop cyber bullying? OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY The main Focus of the study is to know more about to this topic and what are he cause and effect.

The Researcher aims the Following: To recognize the implications of cyber bullying To define cyber bullying To educate parents, educators, counselors, and students about the dangers of cyber-bullying To discuss intervention strategies and prevention tips that will help to end cyber-bullying SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The result of this study is intended to provide useful information about Cyber bullying with respect to the administrators’ and teachers’ perception.

The data collected will tell a valuable story, one which will enable school districts o better attend to the problem lurking beyond the Social media. Bullying is no longer the traditional “face-to-face’ interactions, but rather it has leapt into the digital world. Schools, parents, and guardians need to keep up with the pace.

Help the leaders of your school or community to effectively tackle this rapidly-growing phenomenon by enabling them to create, modify and implement better procedures and policies that address cyber bullying and the misuse and abuse Of social network sites -and also We as a nation We all need o take a stand to mitigate cyber bullying once and for all because if we don’t; therefore cyber bullying will proceed. We need to stop being silent and open our mouths to speak up to let bullies know we will no longer tolerate it.

If kids and teens don’t allow cyber bullies to embarrass or harass others then cyber bullying will come to a halt. In the end, once cyber bullying is no longer present kids and teens will be able to surf the net without being harassed. We will have helped create a generation without cyber bullying and have more intro over the technology instead of letting it control us. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION OF THE STUDY This study covers the cyber bullying that happens all over the world, it explains the cause and effect that may happen to a individual once you have been bullied in social media .

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