I believe that the statement

3.I believe that the statement is true as their relationship was mostly spiritual rather than outright clear and physical.Their relationship took place in another world which was almost a secret and one wouldnt be able to understan their relationship unless you could see the same way that they looked at the world around themselves.It is pretty hard to tell that the main relationship is with Griet and Vermeer as one would normally think that the relationship would be with Griet and Peter as their relationship was much more physical which was much easier for the reader to relate to as we are more connected to the physical relationships rather that artistic sight binding us togeather as that is something much more complicated to understand.

4. Yes: both Griet and Maria Thins have an appreciation of art, especially Vermeer's, that his own wife Catharina clearly lacks.Catharina is physically clumsy and is not allowed in her husband's studio unless he invites her. She wants him to paint faster so that they can earn more money, but Vermeer takes his time, devoting months on end to making a painting perfect. Catharina lacks any detailed knowledge about how light and shadow affect painting: for example, when Griet asks Catharina if it's okay to wash the windows in the studio, Catharina doesn't even understand what Griet is talking about when she ads that doing so would change the lighting in the room. In fact, it seems at times that all Catharina really.

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