Vengeful trusted when she opens the jar

Vengeful revenge and Deceiving Beauty Throughout the many myths we have read, the following themes of Vengeful, and Beauty that is decieving stood out to me the most due to the topic of portraying women as inferior to men.  During these myths, it is clearly evident that women were inferior to men during the certain acts that occurred.  The characters in the myths lead it to show that the themes are very essential. Mycenaean society dominated Minoan society through the teaching of particular myths by displaying women as Vengeful and having beauty that is decieving. Metis, Athena, and Pandora all seem to emphasize that they cannot be trusted in several different ways throughout the detailed myths.  One example of Metis and Athena being vengeful was when Zeus chose Metis to be his wife.

 Zeus then realized that she shapeshifted, so Zeus kept an eye out on to make sure she didn’t shape shift.  As Metis was changing, she began to shapeshift.  Zeus did not like this, so he began to act very nice to her so he could turn her into a fly, and eat her because she was not prepared to take on a child.  “Therefore, when Metis was about to give birth to her daughter, Zeus flattered her with honeyed, conniving questions.” (44).

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  This quote displays that it is a patriarchy because Zeus is the one in charge, tricking Metric so that he can eat her, and to save her from having the responsibility of a child. Athena now becomes Zeus’s favorite daughter because they are connected but unfortunately for Metis, she can’t have her son.  Next, Pandora cannot be trusted when she opens the jar Zeus gave her that was filled with sickness, sorrow, and evil.  Unfortunately, Pandora put the lid on the jar to quickly and hope escaped.  She should not have opened the seal, considering it was a gift that she had no permission opening.  “No sooner, has she broken the seal and lifted the lid from the great jar, then its contents flew out into the air, scattering everywhere.

” (114).  This quote shows that you should not mess with the gifts you receive, because you never know when it could turn on you.  Also, if something has a seal on it, it’s common sense to not open it unless permission is given about the instructions of it.  This is an example of a Patriarchal society because Pandora was being enticed to open the jar by Zeus.  Overall, as you can see Pandora, Metis, and Athena all seemed to express ways of them not being trustworthy.  Whether it was shapeshifting or opening a sealed cap, you should always make sure to trust those who surround you.

  Through the myths Leto, Apollo, Narcissus, and Echo all display vengefulness in several ways.   Hera refuses any mortals from helping Letto give birth because she is jealous that Zeus will love his son with Letto more than with Heras sons.   Until later on, Hera’s jealousy leads to Zeus letting Leto give birth to Artemis and Apollo.  Apollo then kills Pythons land, and turns into a dolphin due to his outrage of his mothers pregnancy.  “There, Python, remembering the prophecy that he would be killed by Lettos child, tried to prevent the gods entrance” (58).

  This is vengeful because Zeus allowed Letto to give birth even though he knew Hera was jealous.  Likewise, if Hera did not act as jealous as she did, Zeus may have never let her have her children.  This is an example of the Mycenaeans dominating the Minoans because Zeus had more power then Hera did, therefore he could do whatever he wanted to her, even if it was jealousy.

 Narcissus and Echo display vengefulness throughout the myth in several ways.  One way was when Narcissus gave Echo heartache because he thought he was to good for her.  Although the closer Echo got to Narcissus, she began to fall deeper in love.  Sadly, Narcissus did not reciprocate the same feeling back towards Echo because he believes he is more attractive than everyone.  The youth who prayed that Narcissus would experience the heartache he caused others by only taking pride in himself.   “Another youth whom Narcissus scorned prayed that Narcissus himself might experience the same heartache he had so heartlessly inflicted upon others.” (167).   This quote shows that karma is going to turn on Narcissus at some point for his disturbing behavior, and putting people to shame.

 Due to his evil act, he will hopefully get the revenge he deserves.  Favorably, Narcissus falls in love with his reflection in a near by stream in the woods, but little did he know he was falling for himself.  The reflection would not come to like so he began to cry, and the reflection disappeared.

 This is an example of a patriarchal society because Narcissus had more beauty than echo, making he seem inferior and worthless to him.  Overall, there are several examples as to why vengefulness occured in the myths whether it was Hera’s jealousy towards Zeus liking Leto’s kid more, or Narcissus being too full of himself, but then falling in love with himself makes the myths so enticing to read. Mycenaean society dominated Minoan society throughout the teaching of particular myths by displaying women as Vengeful and having beauty that is decieving.

 Throughout these myths, it portrays women as inferior to men. Myths were a way of entertainment and to show mycenaean men were more dominant over women.  Women continued to believe this for a very long time, thinking men always had more power than women did.  Even to this day, men are still inferior to women but it as not as noticeable as it was back then.  


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