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VALUE TO THE KINGDOM We must not forget that this research has an effective role in the detection of skin diseases inSaudi Arabia because it has a very hot weather for the presence of deserts, this indicates that skindiseases are widespread. This research supports medical efficiency in Saudi Arabia. Jason Fried says, “When is your product or service finished? When should you put it out on themarket? When is it safe to let people have it? Probably a lot sooner than you are comfortablewith. Once your product does what it needs to do, get it out there. Just because you have still got a list of things to do does not mean it is not done.

Do not holdeverything else up because of a few leftovers. You can do them later. And doing them later maymean doing them better, too. There are many enhancements and extensions which will be added in the future, first, themethod of detect skin disease must be on The mobile application developed, then detection theskin lesion in Dermis layer of the skin, finally must detect all the skin disease in the world anddegree of disease.

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Detection of skin diseases is a very important step to reduce death rates, disease transmissionand the development of the skin disease. Clinical procedures to detect skin diseases are veryexpensive and time-consuming. Image processing techniques help to build automated screening system for dermatology at aninitial stage. The extraction of features plays a key role in helping to classify skin diseases.In this research the method of detection was designed by using pretrained convolutional neuralnetwork (AlexNet ) and SVM.


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