VALENTINOS reduce the loneliness and depression rate

VALENTINOS INTRODUCTIONS SYSTEM (vis)Valentinos, Mission Statement, Business Realisation plan using a Balanced Business Scorecard, SWOT Analysis and PESTLE Analysis (15 marks) – about 3 A4 pagesDefine the Mission Statement and Business Realisation plan using a Balanced Business Scorecard. Also Perform a SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis of ValentinosBusiness Modelling for VISMISSIONAt Valentinos Introductions Agency, our mission is to provide clients with customized opportunities to meet people and create meaningful relationships.To remain the world’s most preferred agency for personal introductionsObjectives” To increase the number of lifelong / long-lasting relationships in the UK by 50%” To reduce the number of single men and women in the UK by 15% in the next two years” To reduce the loneliness and depression rate in the UK by 30% in the next 3 years” To enhance chances of clients meeting people of like-minded personalities by 20%Business realisation planBalanced Business Score CardCUSTOMERObjectives Measures TargetsEnhance chances of meeting people Number of Compatible matches per application 6Be recognized as a trusted partner Rate of client referral per month 20Improved quality of service INTERNALObjectives Measures Targets Improvement of client Experience Retain valuable staff FINANCIALObjectives Measures TargetsIncrease Revenue Number of subscriptions per quarter 21,000Increase market share value Annual gross profit £3.7 millionINNOVATIONObjectives Measures TargetsCreate secure communication channels to clients Percentage of clients who prefer email communications 65%Reduce complexity Responsiveness of user interfaces Very easy (Very user friendly) Enhanced social media marketing Percentage of clients who engage VIS via social media platforms 30%SWOT ANALISIS FOR VISSTRENGTHS” Highly successful matchmaking brand” Strict compliance with the Data protection act” Excellent safety records” High number of successful matches” Outstanding reputation” High standards of customer care” High quality of serviceWEAKNESSES” Use of old / legacy technology” Does not support online real time matching” Poor database documentation and management.OPPORTUNUTIES” New business from client referrals” Large client base improves chances for clients” Online real-time matchmaking via mobile applications” Reduced costs of telephone calls and postage” Increased mobile internet usage enables people to access matchmaking services easily.THREATS” Distance between clients reducing chances for matchmaking” Increased sales of human like dolls” Online fraud and dating scams” Social networking websitesPESTLE Analysis – external factors currently and in future affecting VIS Politics – VIS must strictly adhere to government policy on use and distribution of client’s data. VIS would also apply to be a member of Association of British Introduction Agencies to further put more credibility to our already excellent reputation.

Economics -VIS aims to provide services for a wide range of income bracket of clients, while treating each client with equal high esteem to provide a positive matchmaking experience. Since Valentinos is already a well known name in the matchmaking business, we plan to provide this variety to reduce stress for our clientsSocial – VIS addresses issues affecting long distance relationships. We provide services across clients of various social class, educational status. language barriers may pose an issue therefore there will be an online translator for clients who are matched with people who speak different languagesTechnological – The VIS aims at being highly accessible to clients, encouraging communication through our social media platforms of clients like Facebook and Instagram. With this, clients can stay up-to-date with our offers and incentives.

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User reviews will also be projected across the various platforms to encourage potential clients to subscribe.Legal — data protection act, Environmental – Reducing the use of printed letters as a method of communication between love interests helps to save paper and go green.Ethical – Cultural traditions on dating and marriage, promote multi-cultural relationshipsPorter’s Five Forces ModelValentinos Introductions aims at providing bespoke matchmaking services for men and women in the UK. iNDUSTRY COMPETITORS- dating websites eg,, dating apps eg Tinder, online speed dating platforms eg,, business networking websites and events, social networking websites eg Instagram, facebook, Twitter NEW ENTRANTSSUBSTITUTESBUYERSSUPPLIERS


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