“Remember, attempted murder. In the Movie “V

“Remember, remember the fifth of November”, is a constant line, the character “V” repeats several times in the movie “V for vendetta” in reference to the Bonfire Night, which is an historical annual celebration that takes place in towns and villages of England, that celebrates the failure of the Gunpowder Plot, which was an attempt in the fifth of november of 1605 to burn down the House of Parliament by a group of catholic conspirators that where trying to murder the protestant King James I of England that was in the parliament at that moment.One of the men involved in this conspiracy was a man named Guy Fawkes, and he is considered to be in grand part responsible for most of the planning of this strike, and was personally involved in the execution of it. Is believed, that one of the members of the group had second thoughts about the plan, because it was clear that many innocent people would die in the incident, and apparently sent and anonymous letter to one of the members of the parliament waning him to stay away on the fifth, and that letter ended up in the hands of the King, who order his forces to take action against the conspirators. That way Fawkes and his fellows partners where captured, interrogated, tortured and finally executed, under the charges of treason against England and attempted murder.

In the Movie “V for vendetta” the main character uses a mask of Guy Fawkes to conceal his identity, (and maybe to his face that was disfigured in a fire), and as a symbol against the government of England. Because, the movie is set in a near future, after a nuclear third world war, in which England because of his low involvement with the nuclear weapons was merely harmed, and now is, the first potency in the world, but, is now under the rule of a fascist government.The character V is nothing more that a symbol as well, representing the voice of the people, is the avatar of a society, that has had enough and now as a rebel, a hero, or a crazy man in an almost clownish outfit tries to bring down the government, a symbol.

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