USPS letters show the recipients that you care

USPS should maintain its traditions while also restructuring itself, like changing its brand image, to meet the needs of a changing world. USPS is more important than just delivering mail, it serves as a symbol for our country’s progress and development (Source D). USPS gives a feeling of national pride because it shows how much our country has changed and developed itself. This also goes along with giving respect to old-fashioned, handwritten letter instead of the emailing done today (Source F). Handwritten letters show the recipients that you care and would take time to send a message instead of just emailing it which takes barely any effort at all.

Also handwritten letters have sentimental value unlike the emails where we “have deleted hundreds of emails in one fell swoop” (Source F). USPS is a tradition that we should never get rid of for its symbolic representation and for its ability to show recipients the sentimental values of sending letters and not emails. Also by keeping USPS, we are saving many people from going unemployed. According to Source B, as of 2009, more than 620, 000 people work for the USPS. SAO if we were going to get rid of the USPS, then we would be putting a whole lot of people without jobs.

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So by switching to faster messaging sources, emailing, you are putting people’s jobs at risk. Even with modern day tactics, with messaging being faster, they still don’t give us that national pride like letters do for us. Also according to Source E, the USPS is a key source of customers for small businesses. So if the USPS does down, so might the small businesses because they wouldn’t have their key source of customers.

Even though the USPS should preserve its traditions, it should also restructure itself to meet the standards of the changing world. Stone argues that brand is the most valuable tool that one can use to make his or her company look good. USPS should change its same old branding scheme to a branding image that fits today’s world. You can use the technology we have today to do so.

The company should also appeal to the US citizens more by going “green”. The USPS was getting a lot of hatred when Junkamilers bashed them for wasting millions and millions of trees everyday. So by going “green”, USPS will be creating a new, better image for teh company which will attract many more U.S. citizens. By doing these things, USPS will be better suited to meet the needs of the changing world. All in all, USPS should preserve its traditions while also restructuring itself to meet the standards of a changing world.


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