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The discovery of atomic energy has introduced a new era— the nuclear age—and has opened out immense possibilities to man­kind. In 1886, Henry Becquerel, the French scientist, discovered the phenomena of radio-activity and found strange characteristics in an element called Uranium. In 1898, Madame Curi discovered I Radium, another element of same nature. Prof: Einstein, in 1905,-1 propounded the theory of the splitting of the atom. Thus the world came to know about a new force, the limitless energy released .by the splitting of the atom.

A practical demonstration of this :energy was witnessed when the Americans dropped atom bombs on the two Japanese towns, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945, and razed them completelyto the ground. Since then the major powers of the world are busy in carrying out research in this field, every one of them is aiming at finding out the different uses to which atomic energy can be put.MAD ARMS RACEAtomic energy is the most powerful energy man has so far dis­covered. It is estimated that a fraction of this energy is sufficient for running all the mills and factories of a big town. If it is avai­lable, it can replace steam, electricity and all other forms of energy. It can greatly reduce tne expenditure, can increase the speed, and can eliminate the problem of the storage of mineral resources. Atomic plants to produce the electric power have already been install­ed in countries like Britain, U.S.

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A. and U.S.S.

R. More and more atomic plants are being established every year all over the world. Day is not far off when electricity will become very cheap and plen­tiful. The nuclear energy has proved very helpful in space-flights, and soon will enable a man to reach the moon.

This will mark the beginning of a new epoch in the history of mankind. Other and new species of mankind with their own civilization and culture may be discovered. With this marvelous energy at his disposal man will be able to explore hitherto unknown worlds and regions.NUCLEAR ENERGYThe nuclear energy has proved a great boon in the field of medical science. Many diseases which were thought to be fatal, are being treated quite successfully. Radio isotopes are used for various medical operations.

Radioactive cobalt is being employed to cure cancer. Altogether a new field has been set up in medical science. Many researches are being carried out, and means are being discover­ed to reduce human suffering.The application of nuclear energy in the field of agriculture greatly helped in increasing the produce. The use of radio-active tracers in fertilizers is yielding wonderful results. Radiation, when directed on seeds and plants, increases the crop output. Experi­ments are being performed to find a method of killing the harmful bacteria so that food may be kept fit for human use for a longer duration of time.

Gamma rays have provided.

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