Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication essay

Their relatives and friends. Again, very important as they are the ones that really know the individuals, therefore having continuous and good communication allows all needs to be met. Also again, grows trust and confidence between relatives and staff.

Staff. Working as a good team is primarily down to good communication. As a senior, I have to be able to communicate well with my staff, including domestic and kitchen, my other senior and managers. Doing this ensures that everything runs smoothly and as it should.

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Having good communication stops misunderstandings and prevent mistakes from happening. District nurses.Normally these come on a weekly basis and it’s important that we keep communication with them. If anything changes in an individual, then we will know what care is needed and on the other hand if we notice anything that raises a concern it’s important that we communicate with them promptly in order for the individual to receive the correct treatment as quickly as possible. This would also apply with doctors, for assessing changes in health, deterioration, their mental health, to their medication. ICQ.

These are very important. Whenever they come into your work setting hey are watching everything that you do, and taking it all in.Showing good communication is a positive way of proving good practices and good running home. Also there will be occasions when would have to directly speak to them when they come into the home to ask their questions. There are also a lot more health professionals and other groups of people that have to communicate with. Social workers, solicitors, paramedics, opticians, hearing clinics, mobility companies, occupational therapists, hospital staff, mental health teams.

1. 2 – Having good and efficient communication for all reasons listed above ND more. There are many ways where we can communicate easily, clearly and properly.In my current job, we have a system which is run all through the Samsung tablet device. So all daily notes, entertainment notes, activity notes etc.

Are recorded here. Each staff member has their own surname and password. It’s very effective because you can clearly and easily refer to anything that you need and it saves time and confusion. On this system is also messaging. I can receive messages from my managers or in fact other members of staff informing me of any changes to medications, the change in care to provide or even just to ask favors or to ask for set things to be done.Also for sending reminders to staff. I can in turn send messages with anything that I feel necessary.

On the messaging system it also allows you to see when someone has read the messages. Having this ensures that we don’t hear the ‘no one told me’ or ‘l didn’t know’ excuses when mistakes are made or things just aren’t done. I have to remind staff and prompt them that they check their messages before the start of their shift in case there is anything that they need to know, and to even prompt them to send messages themselves when hey feel something to worth everyone’s attention.In previous experiences, I have known communication books. These are good, and like the messaging system above adjust allows you to write any changes, reminders or to ask for something to be done and each staff member is to read this book at the start of their shift and to sign when read and understood. Notice boards. These are used in my current care settings and are for the use of putting up training dates, staff meetings or any other events that may be taking place. Again I have to ensure my staff check this board regularly and sign the sheets once read.

Verbal.By speaking clearly and making sure that you have been understood before leaving the conversation and in turn ask questions if I don’t clearly understand, by doing this it ensures that no misunderstandings will be made and that you are all clear on what needs to be done and any changes that are to be made are fully understood. Also by speaking in words that people understand and not using jargon. When communicating with individuals you will need to use all sorts of different techniques. This could be due to their own needs. Speaking to people at their level, and in a language that they will understand.You may need to use other means such as sign language, brail, or even reducing your sentences to as short as possible. Your body language, this can say a lot more than you think.

By sending of good and positive feelings will make communication a lot easier, instead of shrugging or looking bored and uninterested. When calling or speaking to health professionals, in most care settings that I have worked in they have had little folders for each individual with all their important medical history, doctor information, medication that they take, allergies and basic information about them.This allows you to easily ammunition with whoever it is being, paramedics, district nurses or doctors as all the information is there right in front of you very clearly, which again stops misunderstandings. By the main phone, there is a poster with the home address and telephone number so when ringing in an emergency them details are there and ensures that that phone call is quick and in turn this means the help requested can be QUESTION. ELEMENTS. ANALYSIS. Who? Communicator.

Control Analysis. Says What?Message. Content Analysis. In Which Channel? Medium.

Media Analysis. TO Whom? Audience. Audience Analysis. With What Effect? Effect.

Effects Analysis. Feedbacks forms, these can be for friends, families or even the individual themselves. These are an excellent way of communication. Here we will find out all the things are working really well as well as the things that aren’t, and then we can put things right and move forward. Supervisions & appraisals are a good communication tool between seniors and staff.

Here we can discuss the positives as well as any negatives and ensure that any need and support that they need will be provided to ensure progress and improvement. Going further back in the past, one way to support good effective immunization was the Lawless Formula. This is very simply made up of 3 things. Questions, Elements and Analysis.

Also very well known for the 5 Was. Below have made a table to explain. 1. 3 – As said before, most of our paper work is done over a tablet device. As much as this is good it, like anything, has its negatives.

The connection can sometimes play up meaning that the whole system can run very slowly and this can cause things not to be saved and updated when you think it is, or if it’s running extremely slowly means that you won’t be able to use it full stop. As well as the connection issues, charging them can be a problem. If people don’t put the tablets on charge before they die then it can cut on you whilst using it or you won’t be able to use them at all. An individual’s needs can cause barriers in communication.

Behavior, this can be due to how they are feeling, their mental health or symptoms of any health issue they may have.Language, if the individual is foreign or even the care staff this can cause problems. Culture/Religion, despite your own beliefs and preferences. You have to take into account how to correctly communicate with them. Using correct terminology and using words in the right context. Environment. Making sure that you can communicate where it isn’t really loud, hot, cold, bright etc. This can stop communication from being perceived as it should as the full attention Of an individual won’t be there.

Disability, because of someone’s disability this could cause huge implications with communication.Anxiety and depression, this could make someone feel very isolated, withdrawn and afraid and having communication with them will be very difficult It. Messages not getting sent through to the right person, the right way or not being sent through at all can also often happen in the care setting. Only gently did I ring 111 , on a Sunday morning, to request a district nurse regarding a bypassing catheter.

By the end of my shift they still hadn’t arrived, when night staff rang back to find out what was happening, they said that they had no record for request of the said individual.They eventually got seen to by a district nurse at 04. 15 am that morning. Of course we are only human and mistakes can happen and people do forget to pass messages on, or to make a point of letting people know information. Although this is a human thing to do, it does cause barriers and problems in regards to communication.

Again, recently someone’s medication time had been changed, and a member staff simply forgot to pass this on which resulted in that individual being given the medication at the wrong time.When people use jargon can cause problems, when people over complicate terms and use phrases that won’t make sense to the person on the receiving 1. 4- Even though there are many barriers when it comes to communication, there are also many ways we can overcome these. In regards to the Samsung tablet device that I work with, when connection is slow and the programmer isn’t working properly, write down on a piece of paper everything you need to record, so that it’s still written down and its still readable when you can’t record it on the device.Also verbally tell the people to which it regards and record that you have also passed this information on. In my work place they have a folder which has all paper written, so if anything was to disrupt the tablets from working, you have the all the paperwork necessary to continue to record any notes. When you notice that a device is running low of charge then put in to charge to save it from shutting down. When handing information over, make sure you speak clearly and use correct ND simple terminology.

Make sure that everything is fully understood, both on the receiving and giving end.As well as verbally passing things on, write it down or record it. This way you are covered if whatever you passed on either didn’t happen or got misunderstood. When it comes to doctors, district nurses or pharmacists or any other professional, if possible send fax messages or emails and keep copies for yourselves, again you are covered if anything gets missed.

If you had to make a telephone call and whoever was requested hasn’t turned up, then just ring again and explain the situation calmly and clearly. If an individual has any health concerns which is affecting their communication, then get help.Find out what is causing the problems, it may be a chest/urine infection and a course of antibiotics will improve this dramatically. It may be that they need whatever medication looked at and reviewed, this may be for anxiety, depression, dementia, mental health related or really any kind of health defect. All these little things can improve someone’s communication skills. Get advice and support from professionals, find out the best ways to handle individuals with certain disabilities, health issues, and mental health concerns.Professionals will be able to show and teach you particular techniques, terminology and body language that will help support good communication with individuals.

Check peoples hearing aids, glasses, room lighting and temperate. All things like this can have dramatic changes to someone’s communication, but assessing these factors and checking, it could really improve and help the situation. Have regular optician appointments and hearing appointments as either their hearing or eyesight may have deteriorated.The room temperature and lighting is too a big factor, if a room is too bright or too dark t will affect someone’s eyesight making your body language appear differently or they may not be able to read your lips correctly. If a room is too hot or too cold it can change someone’s mood and wellbeing, being either too hot or too cold can make someone more miserable and touchy and feeling abused, they may also feel afraid or like no one cares. Keeping your body language positive.

Always have a smile on your face and remain interested.Having poor body language can give off the wrong signals, so ensuring your body language is reflecting what you are saying will help a to as it makes what you’re saying believable and it will build up trust. Listen carefully. Make sure you really take in what you are being told, and if you don’t understand make sure you question it and double check that what you have heard is correct.

Terminology. Especially when talking to staff and individuals, partly for a clear understanding but also because it’s professional to do so, it’s important to speak to them on their own individual level.One staff member may be more intellectual than others and they will understand long outdrawn sentences. Using simple words instead of the ‘proper’ words will also help. In regards to the medication error. The system was changed, so that only the seniors were to change the mars sheets and any changes were highlighted on the sheet so that it was obvious to see. Also a personal message was sent round to all medication trained staff so that they would also be told about these changes.

In my previous home that I worked in, I have created picture cards.This was for a resident that had very poor hearing and she had dementia so couldn’t retain or understand long sentences but could understand one or two words and these picture cards made such a difference with the communication. In my current care home, I am creating social care plans. These care plans include everything that they used to enjoy doing as young adults as well as what they enjoy doing now and instructs staff on how to implement this in daily life. This means Of communication is vital for people’s social well beings. 1. 5- Already covered in 1. , 1.

3 & 1. 4. 2. 1 – In care settings it’s very important that we keep records. This is to ensure that our individuals are receiving the correct care and are being looked after safely.

To be able to monitor the effectiveness of communication systems and raciest, we would have to establish the service user’s basic communication needs and preferred method of communication. This would be through the first initial assessment and also getting to know them more once they have moved into their home. This would then be put into care/support plans once been agreed.Once the care plan has been created and agreed, it is then vital that this information remains correct and current. This can be discussed through staff meetings, handovers and supervisions. These are all great ways for monitoring systems and practices and ensuring that they are working as they should.

Monitoring these systems isn’t just important for the service users to make sure they are receiving the care they need but also to maintain good communication between staff. My responsibility as senior would be to review care plans on a regular basis.In my current workplace, do this 2 monthly. I look at the each section of the care plan, and read the review before to ensure that there has been no changes. If there has been a change, then I have to make sure I add these changes into the care plan.

For example, last month I did my 2 monthly reviews. For one lady, she came into us with good hearing and needs no aids for good communication. When did the review, she had a urinary tract infection and was very confused and communication was difficult as she could cohere what was being said.I had to make this change in the care plan, even though it was for a short period of time as by now she is much better.

As mentioned before most of our paperwork system is through a tablet device and with a programmer called ‘nourish’. We have people from nourish come into the home regularly to review the system and for us to tell them any issues that we have. Was involved in a meeting with these people and I was helping with the process of ways to improve this system and make it much ore user friendly. This monitors this system really well.One idea I gave to improve the system was that we can now review the care plans through the system on the tablet device instead of on the paperwork, and also when reviewing weights and IBM that the device will be able to automatically work out the IBM for us to ensure no mistakes are made. They are currently looking into this and believe that this will be possible to do. 2. 2 – In order to be able to evaluate if communication is efficient and working correctly, I have to have correct and current information which has been monitored by my staff.

As a senior I have to recognize changes in the care plans and act on this accordingly immediately. I can also get this information from relatives, friends, doctors, and other health professionals. In order for me to evaluate effectively it is vital my workplace has a good system in place where regular meetings can take place and that my staff feel comfortable in discussing any issues and that they feel that all their opinions are discussed and valued.Also by looking through complaint and compliment systems, I would be able to evaluate what is working well and what isn’t and by that I will know how to improve any systems or practices. Having quality assurance questionnaires are important also, things like communication books, messaging system on the nourish programmer, a staff box which they can post any ideas etc, and handovers all contribute in evaluating communication.

2. 3 – There are many ways you can improve communication system and practices.After the monitoring and evaluating of these, this is when you will find ways to improve. As a senior I have a lot of involvement with Gap’s, district nurses and all other health professionals, having good communication with them always helps in he improvement Of practices with service users as they will guide us and give us support to how to care for the service user in the correct way. Ensuring that all my staff are attend a record keeping training course, this will ensure that everyone is singing from the same hymn book, and will improve the overall paperwork system.Making sure all staff read policies and procedures and this is signed for when completed, that way everyone is working in accordance and know what is to be done, and currently in my place of work a lot of these policies and procedures have been changed and updated. It has been my responsibility to tiff all staff that this has happened and get them to read the new updated versions. In my old work place, their paper work system was a nightmare.

The daily notes template was complicated, and each different record was kept in different places.I implemented a change. I simplified the daily note forms, so that it was easy to understand and much more user friendly. The other record forms, I placed all together in one file. So all writing part of the care plan, this included daily notes, fluid and nutrition charts, repositioning charts, rah monitoring charts, whereabouts charts, behavioral charts.

This file would hen stay in the resident’s room. The big care plan, with the care plans in, risk assessments and past histories etc. Ere kept in a locked filing cabinet in the office. This made everyone’s life easier and no information was being forgotten as it was all in one place.

This definitely improved the system. In my current work place as touched on before earlier, am involved with the creators of the Nourish programmer. They come into our home at least monthly to review how it is working, what is working well and what isn’t. I am able to give any opinion to how I think it could work better, and they will take hat away, work on it and bring into practices.

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