US and to integrate all its cyber expertise

US Cyber Command is a UnifiedCombatant Command of Unites States Strategic Command.

 The country put it up in response to its needto strengthen the operations of Department of Defense by making all the componentsof the department well streamlined and to integrate all its cyber expertise forthe purpose of the common safety of the country.Based on the research, itsmission is to make plans and do coordination and synchronization of theoperations by Department of Defense most importantly on their networks andapplications to ensure at most security. They aim of providing proactivedefense from cyber enemies and deny access to them.With the mission above, ithelps the Department Defense strengthen its operations most especially insecuring the networks.

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I believe this is very important because militaryoperations and directions are online and all connected to network and thesemust be protected to secure the proper coordination of all division, onshoreand offshore, otherwise if penetrated will have a very bad impact to theinformation security environment.Although the main mission isto protect the cyberspace, this Cyber Command has a domino effect to the safetyof the US land as a whole because right now, detection of threats to a nationis not physical but through the networks and other devices and then theDepartment of Defense will do its job to react on the threat.To be able to do these duties,US Cyber Command have different teams specializing on the very important areasof protecting CyberSpace. The teams are: “1.    National Mission Team. These teams will be theone responsible for analyzing and reacting to general attacks. If needs specialattention, they will forward it to special teams.

There are 15 teams for thisone since 2015.2.    Cyber Protection Teams. These teams will helpthe Department of Defense networks and systems against threats to make themfrom as most as possible. Nobody is immune to the attacks.

3.    Combat Mission Teams.  These team specializes in cyberattacks thatcould affect the contingency plans of the Department of Defense and all itsspecial services.4.    Support Teams. These teams support the analytics of the command which is very essential  because through analytics, all possiblereporting could be setup and somehow some other types of anomalies can bedetected here. For me, even if its in Cyber Command, it’s never immune to insiderthreats so reporting and auditing are very important.

” 2The teams above support the Departmentof Defense primary cyber missions which are to protect  its networks, applications and informationwhich are very important aspects of defense for US, otherwise data alone if notprotected will be used by villains to attack US. The other mission is protectagainst cyber-attacks and the negative consequences, and to support operationsof the military. Without the cyber command, these different areas of DoD willbe vulnerable in some aspects.

The US Cyber Command based onits mission helps the country against theft from military information andstrategies which is known by others especially its enemies , will be used bythem to counter our defenses and will have the country defeated. With its missions above, Ibelieve that the command will also take down all detected organized attacks toUS and its security infrastructure which I may not have that much idea if it’scurrently happening, but I believe it had and will happen most likely. Soconstant defense and being proactive cyber command secures the country fromsignificant attacks, though not giving 100 percent since I believe nobody isimmune from penetrations but at least will not totally destroy our defensessince many layers of security and defenses are in place by the US Cyber Command.The Cyber Command is a verysignificant help for Department of Defense since it will streamline the commandand control of cyber operations. Saying this, US Cyber Command is verysignificant to the safety and welfare of the county.


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