UPS steam based in Dhaka and Chittagong. These

UPS has been spreading over the globe and thus it set up its brunch in Bangladesh.

The multi-national company first started its operations in Bangladesh in 1989 with its small packages services. Then the agency used to deliver only light weight small packages from one place to another. After 2 decades of SP service, UPS established its supply chain solution section in the country in 2010. At present, UPS operates its activities in Bangladesh through Air Alliance agency. This body provides total logistics support to the local and global clients.

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It offers solution for every supply chain situation keeping schedule at reduced costs and highest security with specialized service and care.In action, UPS renders service with a highly skilled steam based in Dhaka and Chittagong. These two cities are the base operation points while supporting activities can be served in others parts of the countries. For example, UPS SCS provides transportation or warehousing facilities in the areas where there are enough customer presence and requirements.The organization is powered with two major ware houses situated in Dhaka just 7km from the airport (40000sq ft) where the consignments are kept after receiving from the shippers that are to be transported by air. The other warehouse unit is placed in Chittagong just 7km from the sea port (35000sq ft). From around the country, the consignments are delivered by the manufacturers to the warehouse facilities or the UPS transportations bring them from the factory premises to the warehouse for final storage at home. Both the warehouses are powered with full time online CCTV monitoring and sufficient extra parking.

Range of services here include Spare Parts Logistics, Retail Value Addition, Storage etc. the clients can receive good flooring and ceiling facility, multi – client facility, receiving, warehousing & distribution, service parts logistics


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