UPS as an industry essay

International shipping is a huge every growing industry, with UPS leading the pack for shipments delivered and exchanged internationally. The demand for international shipping has increased dramatically over the years, and with this increase it calls for an increase in service which in return places much more pressure for performance on UPS as an industry.

Working in international shipping myself I have learned that many things can affect the shipping process, especially when the shipment is international. One major factor that affects any shipment is the price of fuel.Fuel prices fluctuate constantly, so depending on the fuel price can determine rather a shipment is delivered and paid for appropriately. Every international shipping company will experience the International Shipment Processing System.

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This system is necessary to ensure the customers shipment will be delivered in allocated time. During the duration of the shipment, data regarding the shipment will be transmitted daily. With internationally shipping very specific documents are needed at both the departure port and the arrival port, in order for the shipment to be cleared by customs and livery to proceed.If these documents do not arrive to the destination before the cargo, then delayed port charges will occur. Using the SIPS system allows the customers enough time to create these documents in time, to prevent port fees. This system ensures delivery of shipments and provides data that allows shipments to pass though ports smoothly. In the business world and in our own personal lives, it is important for us to be able to access shipments and purchase data online. UPS uses a Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DAD) in order for customers to track shipment information online.

The first thing a UPS driver picks up each day is a handheld computer called a Delivery Information Acquisition Device (AID), which can access one of the wireless networks cell phones rely on. As soon as the driver logs on, his or her days route is downloaded onto the handheld. The AID also automatically captures customers’ signatures along with pickup and delivery information This system is able to capture signatures and relays information quickly regarding packages. This system shows when a package was delivered or picked up within 60 seconds of completion, at this time the shipments information would be reflected online.UPS leads the trail for success in the supply chain industry. In order to keep this incredible growth going, they have to stay up on the latest operations and business systems. LIPS has always been successful in carefully capturing information regarding an order.

With this incredible attention to detail they have been able to grow at a phenomenal rate, and expand the operations internationally. With this growth come more profit and capitol for the company. Using the capital growth UPS has always been able to purchase all the new technology to ensure the growth and excellent service continues.

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