Unreached People Abstract essay

For many cultures, missionaries have e made little headway in progressing these cultures to the conversion of the Christian faith One of these groups is the Brahmas of India. India has a number of unreduced people grog ups, in today’s world. As in many cultures this particular people group are spread throughout t India and are not centralized in one main area. By examining the life, beliefs, practices and vary us areas, there will be a clear presentation on relating to the Brahmas while performing miss ion work. The Brahmas are a group of people that as majority practice Hinduism.

There is a small percentage that practice others religions such as Buddhism and Christianity. I n order to begin the process of explaining Christianity there must be an understanding of ha t a group believes. While performing mission work there is a break down in communication due t o language barriers, laws, and practices. In this paper, seek to fulfill the overall goal of providing structure on reaching g the Brahmas. First, we will provide a clear way of breaking through the cultural a ND language barriers. Second, I will explore the key differences and similarities of Hindus m andChristianity.

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Lastly, based on understanding the belief system of the Brahmas n, will give key recommendations to covering. HISTORY The Brahmas are an unreduced people group that reside in South Asia. This group is known as Indian and in 1931 this group made up about 4. 31% of the Indian population.

With a large amount of traditions being practiced, the Brahmas are split into a number of other groups. Early parts of the Brahmins culture dates back to Hinduism. With thee r Increasing growth they rose to power and by doing so it was revealed in their treatment of other groups in their society.The religion actually began with the Vivid which goes by the name Of Santa Dharma. It is from this group that the Brahmins practices and beliefs arises. Their hoist ray is rooted in great societal positions similar to those found in the United States. Such careers in dude teachers, scholars, lawmakers, doctors, writers and land owners. The name Brahmas r presents the Supreme Self, while the name Brahmins represents the individual.

While the main religion in India is that of Hinduism, there are other religions e explored. These people are Hindu, Muslim, Christians and Sikh.Hinduism is about 80. 5 % practiced while Islam is about 13. 4% and Christianity is 2. 3%.

2 Joshua Project 2 The World Fastback India has variety of languages. The main language is that of Hindi with about speakers. The other languages are broken down as follows: Deluge Bengali (3,302,000) Amaranth Guajarati Tamil array (1 ,881 ,000) Bishopric Kananga Miramar (957,000) Kanji With such a variety of languages missionaries have a challenging process for c injection with the individuals in this region.

The Hindi language takes roots in others languages such as Dravidian,Turkish, Affairs, Arabia, Portuguese and English. The language which is very simple stick in use is also very emotional and expressive. This can be found in the culture based o n the songs and poetry. Roughly million people in India use this language as their first, lea vying another million to use it as a second one. 4 3 4 Hindi: The Language of songs The Brahmas today are mostly of North India. Based on the ways of the Vied c, prayer is performed three times per day. These individuals are mostly vegetarians.

Of r those that are not they mostly live in the areas of the cooler mountains.The Brahmas believe in devotion, knowledge and yoga. Seeking and performing these beliefs they are attempts Eng to become one with god.

The history of their writings and what they are taught stem from De potion, knowledge and yoga. An individual has the freedom of choosing which of they three they will pursue. 5 Lees explore the culture more in depth by reviewing the agriculture, exports, and imports of the region of India. The min agricultural staples of the area include: rice, w heat, oilseed, cotton, jute, tea, sugarcane, lentil, onions, potatoes, dairy products, sheep, go TTS, poultry and fish.The exports are: peritoneum, precious stones, machinery, iron, steel, chemical s, vehicles, and clothing.

11. 4 % of the exports are to the United States. The imports into the area are: crude oil, precious stones, machinery, iron, steel, and chemicals. Only 5. 3% of these tie ms are imported from the United States. The main industries in India are: textiles, chemicals, f DOD process Eng, steel, transportation, cement, mining, petroleum, machinery, software, and p heuristically.

6 5 6 Christianity in the in India has a deep history. In the early 15005 when Europeans began to settle, SST.

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