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UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWENAME ROPAFADZO KANENGEYAREG NUMBER R185308ACOURSE CODE CSSO103PROGRAM HADSSLECTURER MS KAGUDADUE DATE 2 OCTOBER 2018QUESTION: WITH REFERENCE TO THE LINEAR MODEL OF COMMUNICATION, DISCUSS THE VIEW THAT THIS MODEL DOES NOT ENTIRELY REPRESENT REAL LIFE COMMUNICATION SITUATIONS.The 1949 Shannon and Weaver linear model of communication is one of the most famous in the field of communication, having been referred to as “one of the main seeds out of which Communication Studies has grown” (Fiske, 1982). It is however, far from the only one in existence, as many flaws have been identified in the linear model, therefore many other communication theories have been put forward as alternatives that fill in the blanks that the Shannon and Weaver model has.

The interactive and the transactional model have been put forward because of the weaknesses of the linear model and to compensate it failure to represent real life communication situations. In linear model, communication is considered one way process where sender is the only one who sends message and receiver doesn’t give feedback or response. Therefore this essay serves to explain and critically access why the linear model in inadequate to represent real life communication.A major disadvantage of the linear model is that often this model can isolate people who should be involved from the line of communication. As a result they may miss out on vital information and the opportunity to contribute ideas.

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In this model the sender is the only active person in communication therefore the reciver is sometimes a mere object


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