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How can Technology Innovations Improve Warehouse Effectiveness
Clayton SantApril, 2018
The warehouse is primarily for receiving, storing, picking and shipping goods, transshipment, cross dock, or platform centre and all types of nodes in a distribution network. Warehouse management is concerned with ensuring that all the activities involved in warehousing are carried out effectively by seeking to eliminate waste from activities that add cost to the supply chain, while maximizing those actions that add value.

Effective warehousing is regarded as competitive weapon as wider market demands incessant supply of goods and that too in authentic condition. This genuine nature of goods is protected by warehousing and techniques used by firms.

Technology plays an important role in warehousing processes due to the ability to identify, trace and track information throughout the supply chain. Technology can provide supply chain users with precise real time information about their products.
This accurate knowledge of the inventory would result in lower labour cost, simplified business processes and improved supply chain efficiency. It has the potential to reduce lead time and cost on inventory control, increase the accuracy of inventory information, help avoid stock outs and increase the number of inventory turns.

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