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UNIVERSITY OF BOTSWANApublic administration 405 assignment 2 TEBOGO CHENDO 201503931center850008549640 1000000 CRESTA DONATES TO BLHINTRODUCTIONThis paper will be based on the news headline titled CRESTA DONATES TO BLH. It will be focusing on Corporate Social Responsibilities which is the relationship between business and society and its responsibilities towards it. The focus looks on the nature of the relationship between the government and the businesses. Firstly with the definition of the key terms, background and lastly focus on the benefits of a business in indulging in the social responsibilities as well as criticisms of the business CITATION Djo03 l 1033 (Djordjija Petkoski, 2003).Corporate social responsibilities can be defined as the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development, working with employees, their families, the local community and society a large to improve quality of life in ways that are both good for the business and good for development CITATION Eze13 l 1033 (Ezekial S Asemah, 2013).It can also be seen as the managerial obligation to take actions that protects and improve both the welfare of society as a whole and the interest of the organisation.BACKGROUNDFor the past several decades the debates over the proper relationship between businesses and society has focused on the topic of Corporate social responsibilities but in the modern era the stage was set for this debate by Keith Davis who posed two questions intriguing questions in the 1960’s: What does the businessperson owe society and Can business afford to ignore its social responsibilities.

The social responsibility of businesses includes the economic, legal, ethical and discretionary presumptions that society has of organizations at a given point in time of their operation. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), business engages actively in promoting health and wellbeing of the society, donating to community causes and charities and participating in community activities through being sponsors, housing projects and cultural programs. Cresta Marakanelo Hotel in Gaborone fulfilled its purpose by donating bedding to Bamalete Lutheran Hospital.

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“In their recent activities of social responsibility, Mothibi said Cresta Marakanelo has donated over P2.5 million to Masiela Trust Fund since its inception in 2001, donated beddings and toiletries to the Kagisong Society Women’s Shelter in Gaborone and Maun, Camphill in Otse, SOS in Francistown and Tlokweng as well as Kasane and Bamalete Hospitals” CITATION The18 l 1033 (TheVoiceBw, Cresta donates to BLH, 2018).It is noted that the government cannot alone tackle the social problems therefore the intervention of business in social responsibilities helps the government to be offloaded and focus on other problems in the country. As business engages in this social responsibilities not only does the society benefit but also the business and the following are the benefits of actively taking part in the social responsibility as a corporation.Corporate social responsibility is related to public policies because the engagement is seen as the readiness of the business to be involved in soft policies and also as it target sustainable development schemes and regulations that it abides by. Also this helps the government as they know how much they are able to incorporate the involved changes in the policy making process.

BENEFITS OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ON THE BUSINESSENHANCED BRAND IMAGE AND THE REPUTATIONIn this scenario it is captured that the Cresta Hotel’s image and reputation is in good light, that its name is associated with good things that it is doing for the society this helps it keep its reputation in a good name as much as it is covered in newspapers and people are able to read and see what it is doing to help those in need. Therefore there is less risk of negative rare events.ENHANCED AWARENESS AND RECOGNITIONAs much as the Cresta hotel is taking the social responsibility this makes it to be recognised in the society and make a name for itself as people are aware of what is doing and be able to recognized by the society and other platforms at large.ATTRACTING NEW CUSTOMERSConsumers become mechanical promoters through word of mouth communication because consumers can punish companies they believe are not taking their social responsibility seriously through boycotts therefore taking part as a business in the social responsibility attracts new customers as society see the good that it does in the society. Therefore Cresta Hotel may attract new customers through ta king its social responsibility.BALANCE OF POWER WITH RESPONSIBILITYOrganisations have power and influence which they need to balance through responsibility in the society.CRITICISMS OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYA lot of money is spent on generating image of the corporation and making assumptions that it is capable of actually caring about the society rather than its obligation which is to serve itself.Corporate social responsibility can be used as a tool which hides most vicious corporate activities because not all activities that a corporation does are socially enhancing some can be socially harmful therefore corporations green wash the society.

These may include pollution to the environment through its activities and corruption activities.Corporate social responsibility can be used as a make up to sell more and achieve better financial results but not having a genuine commitment to other stakeholders besides shareholders and management personnel of the company. CONCLUSIONCorporate social responsibility refers to business taking part in activities which benefit the society through promotion of sustainable livelihood. This corporation gives to the society through various activities which includes being sponsors and giving donations to various societies. This is beneficial as the company stand out and enhances its reputation and image, reputation and attracting new customers.

On the other hand corporations may use corporate social responsibility initiative as a way of green washing the society and hides its activities which are harmful to the society and only try to cover up its harmful activities. Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY Djordjija Petkoski, N. T. (2003). Public policy for corporate social responsibility. World Bank Institute.Ezekial S Asemah, R.

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