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First of all, we are talking about psychological blocks. Student may feel uncomfortable urine the lesson and it can destroy all the efforts Of the teacher to give the material.

Why may a student feel uncomfortable? There is a plenty of reasons. He doesn’t like the teachers’ manner of talking to him (it too sarcastic, too teaching too ignoring, too obsessive, etc. ), doesn’t like the studying room (too cold, too hot, yellow colored walls, too big too small, etc. ), doesn’t’ like the atmosphere in the group.Sometimes people, working in a group, act differently, you can’t make them be nice to each other anyway.

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What is more, students may feel uncomfortable because something irritates them (street oases, phone calling in the next room, other students’ sneezing, teachers’ words-parasites or noises making while speaking). How to deal with it? A good teacher would try to increase the level of comfort. An excellent teacher will find the reason of discomfort and either to eliminate it or to make fun of it.

Make students feel like comfort, but not like at home. They never study at home, by the way. Secondly, student may feel unwelcome. It also depends sometimes on unexpected reasons, but if it has something to do with the teacher – teacher must do everything to make student feel welcomed. Never ay “l don’t have time now, come later”, never be rude or impolite.

To start with, always say “good morning” or “its nice to meet you, have a good day’. Smile to people. Not with the “American style” of smile, but with your own sincere smile.Answer the questions students may have concerning home assignment, studying process, your experience. In fact, the easiest way to make people feel welcomed – be sincere and friendly.

Tell them stories. Use your own experience. Make them feel important enough to share your life and teaching experience and knowledge. Thirdly, we can speak of so-called “I can’t” block.

It happens when the student failed ones or twice and unconsciously decided that it’s better to do nothing than to fail one more time.It often happens with children, especially when they have high self- esteem and believe that marks are the only indicator of success. It is really hard to deal with this block. Basing on my personal experience, I may say that the only thing you can do is to talk to this student in private.

Try to convince him that one or two failures doesn’t mean he is a looser, give examples of successful people who managed to succeed after dozens of mistakes. Give examples of your English learning process.

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