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Another way to organize data would be to use a sequence of relevant numbers (product aerial numbers/elms depending on the data your company uses) which are sorted into numerical order. So anyone searching for specific information can easily locate the data by looking down the list (or using a search function). This data could then be saved into folders by date, as previously mentioned. 1. 2 Data should be presented in a way that will be relevant to the person receiving the data.

The recipient needs to be able to understand the data.For example, a long sequence of numbers, dates and names should probably be resented as a spreadsheet and wouldn’t be of much use as a Powering presentation. It should be useful for the end user of the information. For instance, an Excel spreadsheet should be in the correct file format and contain information relevant to the recipient. 1. 3 Text and diagrams can be used to explain data more thoroughly or can be used to get a point across in a more concise way. Diagrams may be used to make your data more appealing to the audience they are intended for.

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To eve an additional visual representation to your text could perhaps iterate it more clearly, or could perhaps add an impact that text alone can not offer. This can also be used to highlight key points in the data, or for showing any trends or patterns. 1. 4 Confidential business information should be properly secured. If it isn’t, data can potentially be misused. For instance, making sure the files you are using have a password put in place to prevent access to anyone outside of the business.Data Protection is also linked in with confidentiality, but is elated to an individual’s stored personal information (date of birth/national insurance number/bank details etc.

) and should also be secured. Companies will have policies in place to protect their intellectual property, to prevent their work from being exploited for personal gain. Copyright Legislations are laws put in place to protect content created at work from being shared or duplicated without permission from whoever created it. This could be simple work related reports or a piece of bespoke software.

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