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Artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced nd able to perform multiple capabilities, so one cannot deny that at some point in the future human jobs may have a smaller role in the manufacturing industry. Humans are limited by how long they can work no matter what the conditions are. Humans need food, water, and sleep at a minimum to maintain a functional state. Artificial intelligence such as robotics are only limited by factors dealing with proper maintenance. As long as the equipment is maintained and ran in optimal conditions then, the robotics are able to perform for an unlimited amount of time.

It’s no secret that robotics in anufacturing companies allows them to produce more products at a faster rate then with humans alone. As demand for these products increases, its easy to see why more manufacturing companies are transitioning to more artificial intelligence in the workplace. Everyday on almost every platform there is some type of technological advancement made. Industries from medicine to automobiles have had enormous amounts of advances specifically encouraged by technology. Technology is advancing in a way that allows artificial intelligence to not only perform simple task but can now learn instead of just follow instructions.

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More and more humans are relying on technology and it has created a huge decline in learning skills among younger generations. This decline in skilled workers among the human workforce has forced more companies to resort to using more artificial intelligence thus destroying human jobs all together. There comes a point when humans are just no longer able to compete with their artificial intelligence counterparts. Automated systems with artificial intelligence have made the threat of job loss not only affect the blue collar industry but is seeping into the white collar industry as well.

More automated systems are becoming common in areas like answering phones but have advanced to flying planes, driving cars, and even designing software. Everyday more Americans without jobs are citing technology as a reason for their unemployment. To compete with a system that requires no necessities like humans do, makes the threat of artificial intelligence stealing jobs a very real situation. Human error in jobs with high risk has caused concern for businesses that rely on perfection. Pilots falling asleep due to long flight schedules, or bus drivers drinking on the job are ssues that are very real.Artificial intelligence has eliminated that factor and have given certain companies that peace of mind knowing they can cut the human error factor out of the product failure equation.

Technology as a whole cannot be stopped. It has helped the human race in more Ways then it has hurt them. Costing humans their jobs has just become a causality of an advancing race looking to improve their way of live in all aspects.

Without tech nology the world would be a far different place then it is today. Humans must learn to adapt to this change and work towards working ith technology and not against it.With education on the decline, this has allowed technology to surpass humans in the workplace. However, without the human mind this technology would not exist. It was humans that created and still create technology. Allowing artificial intelligence to be created in order to perform a task for humans so that life is easier is a double edged sword.

An easier life because of artificial intelligence will draw a life support of such for many companies. Humans should still be using their minds to enhance their own skills and develop workforce skills that companies are ooking for.

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