EssayIn to change the retirement age to fifty-five,

EssayIn today’s world, unemployment among people over fifty has increased massively over the years. As working is a hard activity to do it is very likely that older employers quit their Jobs rather than staying in them.

That’s why I’m going to point out the following two possible solutions..As far as I can see, this problem is caused by the amount of hours of work that workers around the age mentioned before have to deal every day. With this being said, the solution that I point out is to implement job sharing.

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With this new method, old people will have the chance to keep working, but less hours per week, removing the problem of getting constantly tired, but also being paid less.On the other hand, another way of dealing with the problem of unemployment is to change the retirement age to fifty-five, instead of sixty-five years old. This will motivate workers to keep working for a few more years and will also leave empty spaces for new people to start working. Something positive about this method is that younger people will be able to have the opportunity to get hired in a job where an older person was working in.To sum up, there are two methods that have been pointed to stop with unemployment among of people around fifty, but to my way of thinking it is a better idea to implement the job sharing because this solution let the old people keep working and earning their own money, even if it is less than before, but without being excluded of being active in the workplace.

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