Understanding all trends have introduced new assessment methods

Understanding the evaluation process, including the concepts
and methods used, is

necessary for educational practice. In recent years, new
trends emerged during the evaluation

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from a comprehensive view of the teaching, learning and
assessment process (Rust

2007). Unlike the generalized assessment, which can be
considered as a basic use

Assessment of student achievements (Boud and Falchikov 2006,
Herna’ndez 2012),

the educational assessment supports and monitors the
education of students, ensuring them continuously

(Yorke 2003, Weurlander et al., 2012) and their updating

for their presentation (Boud 1990, Brown and Knight 1994,
Brew et al., 2009). that’s all

trends have introduced new assessment methods (Brew et al.,
2009) and more active

practices such as self-evaluation, partnership and joint
assessment (Dochy et al., 1999).

Review of research in higher education following the
introduction of the Bologna process

(The Bologna Declaration of 1999) showed that there is
increased interest in learners

(Pereira et al., 2015). One aspect of this orientation can
be seen in the students’ school,

learning and evaluation. The adoption of the learning
environment by students

(Entwistle 1991, Lizzio and Wilson 2013) and evaluation
methods have an impact on

the ways in which they teach (Entwistle and Entwistle 1991,
Ramsden 1992, Lizzio and

Wilson 2013) and their approaches to learning (Marton and
Sayljo 1997).

Although the evaluation was the focus of several studies, it
is still lacking

– studies on the use of evaluation practices in different
institutions and countries

comparative perspective (Gilles et al., 2011, Fletcher et
al., 2012). One of the reasons for this may be

to relate to challenges as difficulties in reaching
consensus among a group of researchers

(Teichler 2014). Over the last decade, many researchers have
argued that the assessment focuses on the education of students


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