Understanding Influences on Dietary Intake: Case Examples essay

Vitamin C is good for your immune system helps prevent you from getting sick and Sodium is good for growth and repair in your body.

Economic: As Vicky is unemployed and only receives EWE for food shopping, the amount she has to spend on shopping limits what she can buy and also what she can eat as she may not be able to afford healthy items such as fruit and vegetables. Medical Disorder Vicky having diabetes limits her on foods she can eat, for example if she has diabetes type 2 she will need to eat foods low in fat and sugar due to the fact she has high blood sugar level.Example; fruits, vegetables, bread, nuts Socio Cultural: Following a Restraints culture Vicky is very specific on what she can eat and drink. Vicky doesn’t eat pork and does not drink alcohol this can help reduce health risks such as; high cholesterol, kidney failure, heart attacks and liver cancer. Rae is a single professional female with irritable bowel syndrome Influences on Area’s dietary intake Medical Disorder: Having Irritable bowel syndrome Rae has to be careful with what she eats as eating the wrong things can cause her to have stomach pains, cramps and constipation which could affect her long term.Socio-Cultural Rae is a Muslim so she has strict religious beliefs on foods she can and cannot eat.

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For example as a Muslim she is not allowed to eat pork or drink alcohol this affects her dietary intake as it can help prevent health risks such as salmonella, liver & pancreas cancer etc. Economic Working as a sales executive Rae does not have a limit on the foods she can buy. This has an affect on her dietary intake as she is able to buy healthy food products to balance out her diet such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, raw meats etc.These products all count to a healthy diet and give her all the vitamins ND nutrients she needs to have a healthy lifestyle. Personal preference Rae is a picky eater and doesn’t like to eat food products that contain a lot of fat.

This also can have an affect on her dietary intake as fatty food products release energy into our body to keep us going. Tuna is a 5 year old boy Medical disorder Tuna has food allergies and has to visit the GAP regularly to discuss the food allergies he has. This can affect his dietary intake as he could eat a food product that his parents are unaware he is allergic.This would cause him to have an allergic reaction which could get worst and he could be at harm of there health risks. Lifestyle Tuna has bad eating habits which include snacking, this can affect his dietary intake as these habits could become worst and he may snack regularly this could influence obesity. Socio-cultural Factors Following a Hindu religion Tuna has restrictions on what he can and cannot eat. This can affect his dietary intake as Hindus do not eat beef this means he is missing out on vital nutrients in the body Personal Preference Tuna does not like eating dinner which is one the main meals of the day.This can affect his dietary intake as the body requires 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) in order for the body to function properly these nutrients all count towards helping body organs operate correctly.

MM Assess how influences on dietary intake may affect the nutritional health of individuals. Previously explained the influence of factors which have a possible affect on dietary intake, now I am going to be assessing how the factors above may affect the nutritional health of individuals. I will be relating back to the 3 case studies and outlining the positives and negatives.Referring back to Vicky case study, the lifestyle that she is currently living is unhealthy ND will have a huge impact on her health if she does not attempt to change it. Vicky living next door to Dixie Chicken is a negative point in this aspect, reasons being she is unemployed and does not enjoy cooking. Dixie Chicken is a fast-food restaurant which sells unnatural processed food products, the food Vicky body is consuming can result to her having various health problems such as:- obesity, heart attacks, high cholesterol etc.

Another negative point in this situation would be that Vicky suffers from Diabetes, this affects our blood vessels and nerves and therefore can affect any part of the odd. This also limits Vicky on food products she can eat. However following a Restraints religion Vicky is restricted from drinking Alcohol which has a positive effect on her nutritional health.

Alcohol’s effects on the body can have a varying impact on our lives and can result in permanent brain damage, serious mental health problems and alcohol dependence or alcoholism. The fact that Vicky does not drink alcohol can decrease risk to her health.Another positive factor is that Vicky doesn’t have car, this results in her having to walk to her local supermarket. This is influence of exercise which is valid in order to keep the heart pumping and also to keep her body fit, this can decrease her risk of weight problems. Rae can afford to buy healthy food products such as fruit and vegetables, these are the main vitamins our body needs to function. Eating fruits such as oranges which contains Vitamin C helps the immune system fight infection and illness will decrease her risk of getting any illnesses or infections.Also Rae being a Muslim could decrease her risk of liver cancer and kidney failure, as her religion restricts drinking alcohol and ranking too much alcohol can increase your risk of developing certain cancers.

However Rae is weight conscious and has concerns to things she eats like foods which are high in fat and sugar. This can have an impact on her diet as she won’t digest enough fats/sugars to help produce energy for the body to function, this could cause her to have illnesses and increase her risks of diseases.She also has irritable bowel syndrome which restricts her from eating certain foods and could cause her to have stomach pains and increase her risk of constipation. The last case study am going to be assessing is a Tuna, who suffers from food allergies which can affect his nutritional health as his parents may be unaware of other allergies he may have which limits the foods he can eat this can increase his risk of Nonphysical which is a severe allergic reaction, which can cause life- threatening signs and symptoms.Tuna does not enjoy eating dinner his parents prepare for him, dinner is one of the main meals needed to help the blood stream flow and also to keep the body functioning. This could increase his risk of Anorexia Nervous, which is a eating disorder this would mean he loud be underweight and his body would need medication to provide the organs with appropriate vitamins which he is not getting as he is not eating. However Tuna follows a Hindu religion which restricts him from eating and drinking various products.

Although Tuna is only 5 it is restricted in his religion that he drinks alcohol this can decrease the risk of heart failure, brain damage etc. , when he gets older. Tuna also attends a primary school where he eats breakfast and lunch, these are the main meals which count to a balanced diet and also provide our bodies with the vitamins and minerals needed. This can decrease his risk of digestion problems and also narcolepsy. DO Make realistic recommendations for minimizing negative influences on individuals in your job as a nutritionist working in a NASH dietary centre.

Eave assessed the factors that influence dietary intake and also how influences on dietary intake may affect the nutritional health of individuals, I am now going to make recommendations on how Vicky can reduce the negative influences to improve her nutritional health. Analyzing Vicky case study I have gathered information about Vicky as an individual and, in order for her to maintain and vive a healthy lifestyle she will need to make major changes to her diet and to her lifestyle.Vicky health is currently at serious risk and she needs to eat products which contain:- Protein (Raw meats, eggs, nuts) Carbohydrates (Pasta, bread, cereals) Vitamins & Minerals (oranges apples, grapes, carrots, broccoli, spinach) Calcium (Natural yogurts, cheese, milk) Fiber (wheat, wholesome breads) Fats/Sugars (Cakes and biscuits) Each of the food categories above help the body to perform effectively.

If a nutrient above is missing in the body the organs may not be able to function, his will increase her risk of health problems. Vicky having diabetes does not help her current situation as she is already at risk of other health problems.In order for Vicky to overcome her Dixie Chicken eating habit she will need to start cooking homemade meals this is beneficial for her and her children as she is consuming all the vitamins and minerals needed and so are her children. In addition to that Vicky needs to start buying fresh fruit and vegetables as they contain the most vitamins. Understand her current income circumstance but Vicky needs to priorities the money she currently test and if that means saving money to buy healthy products then she needs to do so, as her health is on the line and if she continues her kids will be at risk as well.

A healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve overall health. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrition: fluid, adequate essential amino acids from protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and adequate calories. As Vicky is not used to eating a healthy diet, all these gradual changes she will make will help her improve the way she eats in the long run.

As a starting point she can substitute high-calorie, sugary rinks for water, also selecting lean meats instead of fatty meats and whole- wheat grains instead of refined grains can lower her intake of unhealthy fats and increase her dietary fiber intake.Fresh fruits and vegetables contain less sodium than canned, and snacking on fresh, crunchy produce like carrots, apples and cucumber slices is healthier than the fats and salt in the chips she would normally eat from Dixie. The reason why I have recommended Vicky to do this is because she is not used to eating healthy and also eating meals of this kind and if she starts off by doing these small gradual steps, she will tutorial begin to cook with healthier products. This is also so Vicky can find her comfort zone within food products she likes and does not like, it also give her the chance to experiment with meat and vegetables.Healthy eating is not very common these days as junk food is in the limelight and being advertised a lot more than healthy products.

Many individuals don’t quite understand the importance of eating healthy and the impact it has on their life and human body as a whole. There have been many documentaries and TV shows that try to influence the importance of healthy eating and what is does for our dies. Vicky is not the only individual who is at risk, this is a common and reoccurring situation which can be prevented all with the help and introduction of simple control and balance of dietary intake.Firstly have advised that Vicky eats products which are high in protein for example chicken, nuts and eggs, these products help the body with development growth and also muscle repair. Carbohydrates and products high in fat and sugar are a vital vitamin to the body as they release energy into the body which allows us to do our daily tasks and also keeps the heart pumping whilst e are asleep this is also known as metabolic rate.

Milk and dairy foods such as cheese and yoghurt are good sources of protein. They also contain calcium, which helps keep your bones healthy.Fiber which Vicky may not be quite familiar with is from products which contain wheat and also is found in potatoes. Fiber helps our digestion system, digest food and also helps our intestines and release food from the body which comes out of our body known as ‘poop’ (faces).

Last but not least vitamins and minerals one of the main nutrients in the body which help all organs but mainly the immune yester and this is to help fight illness and infection. As single mother of 2 children I understand that she may have a lot of pressure and stress on her head but what she needs to understand is that all of this is for the best of her. Live with this guidance and help she will be able to Improve her health and control her diabetes, the only difference is that she will need to pay more attention to some of her food choices. Vicky can also use the internet to access various healthy food recipe’s or just general advice on any other enquires she has, there are many sources of help around for Vicky if needed.

In conclusion to information I have provided above I believe Vicky can become a health individual in no time it just takes some motivation and time.

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