Understand How To Plan For And Support Children essay

We (the play workers) then watch the children and step in accordingly. We would only step in if a child was at risk, if the risk out weigh De the enjoyment then we would have to ask the child to stop and help them make t he game safe. We also have an input if the children are struggling to come up with a sol caution, the other day for example, a group of children were den building in the hall, they couldn’t figure out how to keep two pieces of material together. Attached them try to come up with a solution, they tried to tie the material but it did not work as it was too t hick, they then asked me if they could cut a hole in it, I then suggested they could use p gas? The children thought this was a great idea and were very grateful to me. Ensuring the children play to their own needs helps them to express their chi react and also give them a sense of equality to the adults in the setting.

The children we work with give us a great deal of respect, I feel this is because we give it to them also.It important to let the children work out solutions to problems instead of an ad alt doing it for them, they will need this skill in later life and will learn not to give up. To cater for all the children’s play preferences at school wrap we always ensue re we eave appropriate age range toys as we work with children aged been 3 an dill. We have found the older group of children do not like us setting activities up for t hem, they would much rather play their own games. The younger children thrive on adult t lead activities, we always ensure there is a craft ready for them with an adult help Eng if they ask.We watch the children closely to ensure they are safe but to also enhance plan Y. For example, we set up a role play area with kitchen equipment, we placed it in the e hall and the children were really enjoying themselves. After watching for a few minute SSL realized he children playing dodge ball kept throwing the ball (by accident) toward the role play area.

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I decided to ask the children if they would like to play in the other room and they all happily agreed. The children like to climb trees, this is a good way for the children to calculate their own risk of a branch breaking or them falling.It gives the children a great purport unity to test their own boundaries whilst interacting with others and developing their socio I skills. We watched carefully and realized the children were becoming unsafe, we felt we needed to do a new risk assessment form and we also asked the children to do their owe one. They enjoyed doing this as it gave them a sense of importance. We decided the at the children could only go so high in the trees and it was two at a time. A member of staff is to stand under the tree at all times ensuring nobody is standing underneath it incase of falling branches.Task B Different types of play spaces Affective play space is usually a calming one where the children can express their moods and feelings.

For example: Music and art Permanent play space is a space that cannot be moved, in our case this is the hall Physical play space is a space where the children can run around, play tag, plan wrestling. We have a gauge playground at school wrap Transient play space can be moved around, we often move the basket ball net and football nets.Also the den building equipment and imaginative play. We feel a play space should feel inviting and welcoming to the the children, the eye should want to explore and investigate it whilst feeling safe in their environment. We set up a range of play spaces including the following Arts and crafts Ball games Soft Toys Quiet area Toy figures Cars and trains We feel it is important the children can play with what they would like, we do to have specific areas for different genders.The children use the permanent play space (the hall) for a variety of different activities.

They arrive in the setting and they can see the hall is partially set up for play b UT we feel it is important we include them in the setup too. We also use the playground which is a very large permanent play space, a lot of the children are very eager to get o outside to burn off some energy after being at school all day. They often play tag or use the permanent fixtures in the setting, the climbing frame, the trim trail or climbing g the trees.

Task C

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