Understand development that will influence the organisation. Good

Understand business communication models, systems and processes.

1.1 Analyse the communication needs of internal and external stakeholders.Internal: Informing internal stakeholders of development that will influence the organisation. Good communication with internal stakeholders increase both individual and organisational performance.External:Facilitating collaboration and cooperation outside the organisations structure.

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1.2 Analyse the different communication models that support administration.Shannon: Illustrates how communication takes place, and helps one to determine what could go wrong. Within this model, the information source typically refers to a person, who then sends a message with the use of a transmitter. The transmitter could be any instrument, that provides a communication channe and medial, such as an email, a video conference and a phone.

The signals that are sent and received can vary depending on the method of communication.Berlo: Stresses on the relationship between the person sending the message and the receiver. The communication skills of both the source and the receiver should be at best for the message to be properly encoded and decoded. This only happens if the two points are skilled.This model has four main components and each having its own sub components describing and exploring the assisting factors for each. Schramm: Emphasized that both the sender and the receiver take turns being the encoder and the decoder when it comes to communication. Conclusion: The process of communication, if kept simple and to the point, a message will be easily understood by both parties. 1.

3 Evaluate the effectiveness of different communication systems. 1.4 Explain the factors that affect the choice of communication media.The two forms of communication media:• Analog: Conventional radio, telephonic and television transmissions• Digital: Computer-mediated communication, computer networking and telegraphyFactors that affect choice of communication media:• Purpose.• Cost.• Audience.• Speed of communication.

• Subject matter of message/information.• Quantity of information to be communicated.• If there is a feedback requirement.• Security of information.

1.5 Explain the importance of using the correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, conventions in business communications.Grammar: Avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding and to make communication more effectiveSentence structure: Composition of message has variation and isn’t all the same. Also helps when emphasising pointsPunctuation: Enable communication to be readable and understandableSpelling: Spelling mistakes can lead to confusion when decoding a message. Allowing room for communications to be misinterpretedConventions: Are spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization all in one, enhancing readability and the likelihood of the message being understood. Conventions are important to ensure the message is in a format that the receiver is comfortable with.

The use of conventions constantly needs to be adjusted depending on the purpose, audience and context.1.8 Explain the use of communication theories and body language Without the use of a communication media, a large percentage of human communication revolves around body language. Body language is the physical portrayal of subconscious messages. This paired with tone of voice play an important part in face-to-face communication


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