Under and internet-based information · Providing pricing

Underthis style, leader centralises all decision making powers and exercisescomplete control over his subordinates.

This is prevalent in soleorganisations.  There is less sharing ofinformation and decision making authority lies with top management. ·        Participative style- Leaderconsults subordinates in the decision making process and encourages them togive suggestions in   setting goals andimplementing decisions.

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 ·        Free rein style- Theleader gives the complete freedom to the subordinates in setting goals. Such aleader avoids the use of power. He depends largely on the group to establishits own goals and work upon the problems. SKILLS  The skills required to be tour operator variesfrom organisation to organisation. But the basic responsibilities  always remains the same.

These are some ofthe most relevant skills, ·        A demonstrable interest in travel·        Knowledge of key holiday destinations·        Foreign language skills·        Excellent interpersonal skills·        Communication skills·        Customer service skills·        Organisational skills·        IT skills·        Commercial awareness·        Good time management skills. Some of the major responsibilities include the following- ·        Decidinghow many holidays to sell each season and the resorts/countries to use·        Visitingresorts to ascertain accommodation quality and suitability·        Liaisingwith coach operators, airlines, hoteliers and resort reps·        Agreeingservice levels, contracts and costs·        Confirmingcustomer names with airlines/hotels·        Collecting,evaluating and responding (as appropriate) to customer feedback·        Usingmarket research information to guide decisions·        Producingbrochures and internet-based information·        Providingpricing information·        Marketingholidays to clients via travel agents, websites, brochures and televisionadvertising·        Handlingbookings, invoicing and issuing of tickets·        Predictingprofits or number of bookings SHAREDVALUES·        Yatra.com advances nationalcoordination. At the point when individuals from one territory of the nationvisit another zone as travellers, their social experience is expanded.

·         It offers help to nearby economy as voyagersspend on nearby sustenance and cabin and buy things made locally gettingsignificant outside trade. ·         It helps in social trade and enhances thecomprehension of various societies.·        Always actethically and with integrity Assume positive intent Be transparent and responsible People are respected, valued, and appreciated. It focuses on the tagline of ‘making cheerful voyagers’.  CHAPTER-6CONCLUSION On the basis of theresearch conducted, online tourism industry is fastest evolving serviceindustry in India. The OTA segment in India is expected to grow further by30-40% in the online travel agencies. Yatra.

com is a privatelimited online travel agency and is enjoying 30% market share in the tourismindustry. A depth study was conducted on the history, client’s profile,products and services offered, organisation structure, acquisitions andachievements. It needs to do some more promotional activities to capture thecorporate market.Comparative analysiswas done using SWOT and McKinsey 7’s analysis.The research helped usto know the upcoming future and the major players involved in the tourismindustry.  The future of online travelagency can be described as ‘Personalization and Convenience’. The technologywill be playing a major role in the advancement of this industry.

Right now, people areworking on complex technologies and it is possible that 5-10 years down,tourism industry would achieve greater heights as this industry have a lot ofscope for development and potential to grow.


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