Unbelievable different forms of government let alone

Unbelievable I have found that this paper is one of the hardest I have ever written, I am one of those people who does not worry about the things that do not affect me.

And our government is so crazy right now, I would rather stay out of it.So I do not understand different forms of government let alone my own.What made this paper so hard to write what the emotional aspect and the participation of the United States. Emotionally, I do not understand how there could be a country like Burma.It lies in southeastern Asia bordering India, China, Thailand, Laos, and Bangladesh (World).The Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea make up its coast (World).

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It has a population of a little under 43,000,000 people, 330,000 of them have the HIV/AIDS virus (World). But this is to the little of their worries.In this country a person can not live the way they want.

They can not belong to any certain religion without being attacked for it and they can not even be guaranteed a fair trial.The Burmese people do not even have the freedom of speech (World).There are thousands of political people in jail just for trying to make their country a better place, speaking their mind, and trying to save their nation (Human).Daw San San was sentenced to six years in prison for being elected freely by the people (Human).

She was then banned from participating in any further elections (Human).After that she wrote a letter asking for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and the other captured political prisoners and was then not only threatened, but forced to leave her nation.Something else I do not quite understand is the Junta and why they can not be over-run.Assistant Secretary of the United States, Lorne Craner said, “The Junta suppresses political dissent through persecution, censorship, imprisonment, beatings, and disappearances.Security forces continue to commit extrajudicial killings and rape.They forcibly relocate entire villages, use forced labor and recruit child soldiers.The Junta sharply curtails religious freedom and security forces systematically monitor citizens’ movements and communications.

” (Human)This nation has all of the problems that our country does not. Maybe the United Sates should put our little war on hold and help these people out. The next thing that confuses me is the position of the United States in this problem.Most of the time a get to sit down and watch the 10:00 news, and not once have I heard anything about Burma or any of their many problems.

During my research, I found the United States written everywhere. The United States is where the threatened political people go to for help (Human)..

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